Motor Post.

You had to see it coming.  Eventually, I had to give Motor his own post.  Motorhead is our rescue pup.  He's almost a year old now.  We found him via Petfinder, while I was searching for Boston Terriers.  Motor is (according to Petfinder) part Boxer (his mom) and part Boston Terrier.  The brindle coloring is from his mom.

If you ask me, I consider him to be a "medium sized" dog.  He's about as high as my knees, but he is 100% muscle and weighs 54 pounds currently (we were at the vet last week).  But when we first got him last summer, he was so teeny!  Check it out:

What a cute little guy, right?  Motor often gets mistaken for a pit bull mix, but he's not.  His FULL size makes him look like a pit bull puppy.  We don't mind the mistake (we like pit bulls!), but sometimes we have to remember this when meeting people for the first time because they don't know about Motor, and they're misinformed regarding pit bulls.

Motor had an allergic reaction to something one day this winter and we rushed him to the vet!  His eye became all big and swollen!  We were so worried, but he was ok.  The vet gave him a shot, and we had to give him Benadryl.  Poor guy!

Now that we know he's ok, it's funny to look back and see his cute, albeit miserable, face.  Come to think of it, Motor makes me laugh a whole bunch of different ways:

He decides to crawl, army style, under the ottoman when he wants to get to me if I have food.  I think he truly thinks he's bringing his surprise attack when he does that.

I'm pretty sure this one doesn't even need explanation.  How could I not take a photo of him when I saw this?

I decided that he should be a bumblebee for Halloween this year.  The best part of this photo is the look on his face - how humiliated he looks!

Motor likes nylabones, so when we went to the store, we bought the biggest one we could find.  We gave it to him, and I love how in the above picture he's looking at it like, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"Hmm... might as well eat it."

Besides nylabones, Motorhead's other favorite thing is the red couch in our basement.  It's a common background on many Motor photos.  Here's a classic Motor lounge shot:

What kind of pet do you have?  Is your pet as much a part of your family as Motor is to ours?  I hope so!

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  1. I LOVE HIS COLOURING!! I wish I could have a dog...le sigh.

  2. Oh my God! I'm completely in love with your puppy! He's so gorgeous, I want to kiss him and kiss him. In my heart I'm dog person, but at the moment we have two fluffy white kitties (BeBe Gunns and Opie Golightly), and I adore them to an embrassing degree. I love Motorhead's bee outfit and the look of humiliation, I know that look, I got shark outfits for the kitties and they look like that in them.

  3. Thanks Erin & Jinx! I'm glad you enjoyed my Motor post!

  4. SO CUTE!!!

    I have two dogs, Lola (a Boxer mix) and Phoebe (an American Staffordshire Terrier aka, Pit Bull). Both of my dogs are my fur babies, and are sweetie pies.

    I also have to cats, Sophie and D'Jango.

    I think I might have a fur baby problem :)

  5. ...and a spelling problem. To=two.



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