The Most Metal Burgers. Ever.

On Saturday, Todd and I made the trip out to Kuma's Corner (2900 W. Belmont Ave.) for lunch.  I can't even explain in words how much I enjoy the food here.  It's fantastic.  We sat at the bar, which I've come to actually prefer compared to sitting at a table.  This way, you get to watch the action while the food is being cooked and served.  Plus the drink refills are faster.  We were told there would be at least an hour wait for a table (absolutely worth it!), but a bar spot opened up slightly earlier.  Score!

We drank my favorite, Allagash White Ale, and ordered our food.  The menu is somewhat simple, but awesome.  It's a huge listing of burgers, all named after various heavy metal bands.  You may order any of the burgers as either a chicken breast, a veggie patty (woot!), or as a standard burger.  I imagine they're all great, but I stick to the veggie burger.  Read the descriptions carefully, as a lot of the toppings include bacon.  Not vegetarian friendly...!!!  All the burgers come on a fat pretzel bun.  Heaven.

Todd ordered Jalapeno Poppers, which are homemade, contain cream cheese and chorizo, and feature a super yummy raspberry dipping sauce.  Then he ordered his favorite item, the Mastodon burger.  It's got BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon (told you) and crispy fried onions.  I was disappointed to discover that my personal favorite burger has been discontinued!!!  I loved the Motorhead, which had goat cheese, tzatziki, and kalamata olives.  Oh so good, but now oh so gone!  With sadness, I instead ordered the Plague Bringer, which has roasted garlic mayo, tortilla strips, house made hot sauce, fresh garlic, pepper jack, and sliced jalapenos.  Whoa spicy!  My mouth was burning, but boy was it good!  I still wish I could have had my beloved Motorhead, but this was also a great choice.

Since I usually enjoy my disappointment with a side of more disappointment, I also learned that waffle fries were also no more!  The server explained that they now have hand-cut fries instead (it was supposed to be better than the waffle fries since the hand cut ones are fresh as opposed to the waffle fries, which were frozen)... once again, the new fries were good, so I can't complain, but I would have rather had my waffle fries, frozen or not.

In conclusion, I STILL love Kuma's Corner and would go back three times a day if possible.  Once the weather gets nicer, they open up the patio out back.  Did I neglect to mention that they blast METAL from the speakers the whole time?  I think I did.  But its one of the most important parts (aside from the food) that makes Kuma's so great.  See an assortment of metal records on display below:

The artwork and decor of the restaurant are also pretty metal.  Right down to the restrooms.  The women's bathroom is small and wallpapered with pinup calendar prints, but people have then written all over the walls and on top of the wallpaper with sharpies and pens.  

Above is a photo that Todd took of our view from our seat at the bar.  I wonder if I can find a giant wooden bear like that for our house?  Note to self: check Home Goods next time we're out...!!!

What's your favorite restaurant?

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  1. That place sounds awesome. And I love jalapeno poppers...alas there's no restaurants here that seem to serve them :/

  2. Chicago Diner and Melrose are my favourite places to eat in the city, but I will definitely have to check this place out next time we're up there! :)

  3. Oh! I really like Chicago DIner, too! Will need to check Melrose...

    Another place recommended to me by @TheButcherBaker via Twitter was DMK Burger Bar: http://www.dmkburgerbar.com
    This looks REALLY good!


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