Food with Faces.

Kawaii is a slang term for cuteness in Japanese often used to describe the culture of "cuteness" - like food with faces, personal appearance, clothing, toys, behavior, and mannerisms.

I like food with faces.  Especially cute food with a face:

I picked up this cute plush strawberry guy at Ikea last weekend (it's Ikea name is called "Torva").  They also had a carrot and a broccoli stalk with a face as well.  Practicing restraint (since I really wanted to buy them all!), I picked out the strawberry, since strawberries are my favorite.

Below are selections from a small series of collages I made last year that also happened to feature little guys made of food, with faces:

The comments and words I added were mostly for the sake of absurdity, but I also found some of it humorous (in my own little brain world) that food people would be snarky and be all "should we tell him?" as the other guy walks up, "tell me what?"

Another artist I really enjoy is Steff Bomb.  She makes food with faces, too:


Grumble Buns

Baby Corn

So, yep, I know, it's the cutest stuff ever!  You can find Steff Bomb in person all over the place around Chicago: Renegade Craft Fair, Constructor Craft Fair, C2E2... all of 'em.  You can also purchase these (and other awesome creations) at her Etsy shop.  My family members and friends that have come across her and her store have never left without buying something from her!

Poll: What kind of food do you think looks best with a face?

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  1. I'm such a sucker for kawaii. This past week when I posted about my diabetes scare I had kawaii cupcakes giving the middle finger. Mwahaha!

  2. PS...gave you a blog award.


  3. hey!
    thats clou clou!
    (i mean the first one)


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