Customized Glass-Top Furniture

I like taking new visitors on a tour of our house.  Todd and I had a long, hard road to get to our home where we are now, so we really appreciate and enjoy our time here.  Tonight I thought I'd share a little detail from our home: the basement coffee table.  At first, this might sound a little strange as a choice, but Todd and I like to customize pieces in our home and make them ours.  The ideas and details I show you here would be easily transferrable to a dresser or desk in your own home!

Above is a wide overall shot of the coffee table top.  It's a Ramvik coffee table from IKEA, and comes with a glass top.  (Another interesting detail that you can't see in these photos is that the ends of the table pull out into drawers, which are super handy for storing remote controls, video game controllers, and magazines!)

Todd was initially drawn to this table solely because of the glass top.  He excitedly explained to me that we could put whatever we wanted under the glass, to customize it and make it ours... which we did!  

I think the idea of putting photos under the glass is obvious.  We do have a few photos on display, but we've added a lot of other items, too.  From the wide shot, you can spot stickers, embroidered patches, a crocheted doily, some family photos, and ticket stubs.  

The photos below are all shot via iPhone in a dim basement, so please excuse the quality...

How about displaying drawings and sketches under glass?  Above, a tiny paper scrap with a cartoon sketch of Todd done by one of his students several years ago.  He's held onto it all this time, and the table was a perfect little spot to keep it safe, yet still show it off.

Above, ticket stubs from some of our favorite past concerts: Motorhead, Children of Bodom, Slipknot.  Other ticket stubs under glass (not pictured): Devo, Ozzfest.  You could also display movie ticket stubs, plane or travel tickets, or those hotel room keys that look like credit cards.  Anything that has happy memories of happy times attached to it!

Guitar picks from our favorite bands!  The NIN pick was snagged by Todd at one of the shows we both went to.  Todd and I have a cute little collection of guitar picks.  We even had custom guitar picks made for our wedding.  Hmm... I should really put one of those on display here, too...

Have you ever considered displaying trading cards under glass?  Sports cards from a favorite team or featuring favorite players might be a good idea.  This Star Wars trading card was customized by Todd with a quote from Pulp Fiction before it was slipped under glass.  It made me giggle when I saw it.

I was really excited to find this cassette tape insert amongst our belongings when we moved into our home.  Todd and I were both huge Def Leppard fans when we were younger (heck, we are still), so it's another symbol of our relationship and our interests that fits into our little coffee table collage.  Depending on how large your space is, you could put a favorite record sleeve under the glass, a 45, or a CD booklet.

Our plastic "13" card is a table number (like from a banquet hall).  Todd and I were married on the 13th, so this is a very significant number for us, and appropriate to the theme.  Signs, labels, or even plastic "deli" numbers of special significance would work well under a glass collage.

Hopefully I've given you some ideas for customizing your own glass-topped furniture.  I love the temporary nature and ease of switching up the design simply by lifting the glass.  What unique items would you use in your collage?

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