Bowling Field Trip

(Disclaimer: This week, I'm having to go SANS nail polish.  I took off last week's glitter Zoya polish and learned that weeks of covering your nails with nail polish gives you yellow nails.  So, my apologies if you stopped by to view this week's color, to instead find this enthralling set of photos of my bowling field trip.  But my nails really need a break!  I hope to get back to my usual polish-fest next week, since it'll be my birthday next Saturday!  Must pick out something special...)

One of the things we did over spring break was go bowling with my brother and sister-in-law.  It was really fun.  We bowled three games, and my scores were 110, 168, and 89.  Yep, you heard me right.  By the end of the second game I had a blister on my thumb and even though my brother gave me a sweet band-aid for it that said "ninja fight" on it, the ball kept slipping from my fingers and I totally bombed the last game.  Oh well, it was still fun!

Todd and I have been experimenting with our favorite iPhone photo apps, like instagram, hipstamatic, old camera, classic pan, and picture show.  I love older bowling alleys and the vintage/retro feel of the interiors.  Perfect for old vintage photo effect apps, don't you think?

Go me!  I look like I'm a really good bowler here.

That's my younger brother, Bobby, and his wife, Jeri.  Have I mentioned before that my parents are named Bob and Gerry, too?  It's true.

Gratuitous photo of me and Todd.

Todd took this photo of our bowling shoes without me noticing.  He photographs shoes a lot.  Maybe because they're easier to sneak?

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  1. I love the photo of you and Todd! That looked like it was pretty fun!

  2. Todd really loves his iPhone camera. Thanks - I'll tell him you enjoyed the photos!

  3. Oh, your family looks adorable. Really lovely pics. Hope your nails recover, try soaking in some lemon juice, I hear that works for staining.


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