birthday birthday birthday!

So, yeah, tomorrow's my birthday.  I'll be 32.  I'm not afraid to say it.  I know it makes me waaaaaay older than many bloggers, too.  But I'm going to be 32 and that's the facts of it.  Don't like it?  Too bad.

Tonight, on the eve of my birthday, Todd took me out for sushi at the Sushi House, which is one of our favorites.  I had the bento box that came with (among other delicious things) teriyaki salmon and a california roll.  Oh yeah, and sunomono, which is a cucumber salad with rice vinegar.  I'd never had it before and decided to try something new.  It was fabulous.

After dinner, Todd surprised me with a trip to Macy's where I could pick out something from the BETSEY JOHNSON jewelry counter!  I chose these dangly sparkly pink chihuahua earrings.  Aren't they the most fantastically awesome earrings you've ever seen?  I must take a close-up detail shot of them for you:

See?  I told ya.  I couldn't even locate them on her website, but I did find the matching ring on Amazon. Too bad I'm not much of a ring wearer.  Nor am I the matchy-matchy type.

Since this is a gratuitous all-about-me-me-me type of post, I figured this is probably a good time to include this little award I received from Erin of My Beautiful Disaster...

Thanks Erin!  As a condition of the award, I am obliged to do the following:

Thank the person who gave you the award
Share 7 random bits about yourself
Pass the award on to a few of your favourite blogs
(And don't forget to let them know!)

Hey, I already did the first one. Sweet.  So now, here are 7 random "bits" (that's a weird word) about me:
  1. I'm a vegetarian.  Well, technically, I am not.  I consider myself an "Italian vegetarian."  You know how during Lent on Fridays you're not supposed to eat meat, so Mom gave you fish sticks? Well, my mom did, and I operate under those kind of rules everyday.  That means that I eat fish and seafood.  Yes, and eggs and cheese.  Yes, I get questions about it all the time.  Before you crucify me for calling myself vegetarian when I do not fit your harsh definition of the word, remember that I don't eat beef or chicken or pork or turkey or little baby lambs or ducks or geese or baby cows.  I figure, every little bit helps.  This is my part. (p.s. I don't even like fishsticks.  Maybe because mom fed them to us every Friday during Lent...)
  2. When I eat bananas, I like to peel them all the way first and break off pieces to eat.  No explanation required, it's just my thing.
  3. I have a both my Bachelor's and Master's degree in teaching (I teach art for grades 6-8) and last year I earned National Board Certification for art (young adult - adolescent).  If you're a teacher, or know someone who is, it's a pretty big deal.  I'm very proud of this accomplishment, as I try very hard everyday to shatter the "flaky burnout art teacher" stereotype.
  4. I'm a bit of a "workaholic."  My coworkers who know about Hell Razor have commented along the lines of "when do you find the time to do your jewelry?" ...but the truth is, Hell Razor isn't work.  It's fun.  I look forward to going home and working on this.  This is my playtime and it's how I relax.
  5. Todd and I have weathered what we consider more than our fair share of heartaches, frustrations, and ungodly amounts of stress in the past four years.  I won't list them all here, as some are quite personal, but I can say that after going through hell and back again together, our relationship is like steel and we can conquer anything.  In fact, I'm sure we still have more to go through, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that we have each other and that we live in a happy place now.  (Yep, one of those frustrations included a very very bad living situation that I never want to revisit.  And that's all we'll say about that.)  I love Todd more than anything in the entire world.
  6. My hair is medium brown.  I dye it super dark brown (it looks black) because I have a weird theory that my eyebrows need to match my hair, and my eyebrows are naturally super dark brown, almost black - therefore so is the bulk of my hair.  Oh yeah, I have a purple stripe (currently) but it's also taken turns being blue, red, and blonde in the past.
  7. I never went "away" to college.  I always lived at home and commuted.  Therefore, I missed out on the crazy "go to bars and drink and date lots of random guys" stage in life.  I don't think I miss not having the experience, but I do miss not having close friends that I would have made at that time.  Sometimes it makes me feel like a weird home-schooled kid.
Wow.  That was actually kind of hard to come up with!  The hardest part is actually at this point, since I am kind of new to blogging regularly and I have a very small circle of bloggers I've conversed with, let alone feel confident enough to call them out here and try to get them to play along...

...is it cheating for me to offer this award up to any of my readers who wish to take it on?  I hereby award ALL OF YOU who read the Hell Razor blog!  Most of the girls I'd pass this on to have already done it, and others I fear are not the type to "do such things"...if I am a cheater, then so be it.  I accept full responsibility!

Do me a favor and let me know if you do decide to play along so I can post a link for others to see, ok?

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  1. Here's 8th already so Happy Birthdaaaaaaay.

    #Those earings really are super cute (dazzling actually)

    # As far as vegetarianism is concerned, yes - I believe that every little bit helps. I myself am not a vegetarian because I don't believe we should all stop eating meat, if you think about it it would really mess up nature --but I do believe that the conditions under which some of these animals live HAS TO change. People used to be grateful for a piece of meat on the table (and when I say grateful, I mean that there was some sort of respect for the animal) but now we take it for granted. I don't know if you watched Avatar but one scene where the girl kills an animal and then performs some sort of gratitude ritual. I'm not suggesting any rituals, but we need to learn how to be in tune with nature.

  2. weird home-schooled kid? Never thought of it that way. You are not weird in anyway. You are you and that is why I love you. :) Those seven little bits do not even scratch the surface, friend.

  3. Hi Adrienne - Thanks for the comment!

    My reason for not eating meat is due to my love of animals. I couldn't bear to see a cow or pig be slaughtered and then eat it. If I end up helping out nature along the way, then bonus!

    I try to be respectful of the wishes of others, so I won't berate or scold anyone who chooses to eat meat. My husband, Todd, is a meat-eater actually. We just offer both options at meals!

    Hi Lisa - Thanks for the kind words. One man's "weird" is another man's "normal." !!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! I was a bit late to the party here, but I hope you had a great day. And don't worry about 32, 32 is great, I'm currently fighting off 36 with a crucifix and holy water.

  5. Thanks Jinx! I was beginning to think I was the only one over 30...!!!


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