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On Sunday night, I went back to painting my weekly nail colors!  My friend Beth gave me some fun new nail stickers, so I decided to try them out this week.  I guess the theme is crazy over-decorated nails. Maybe that's what happens when I have to go without polish for a week - the crazy energy gets stored up and explodes in a ridiculous design the following week...!

For the yellow-green base coat, I used OPI in "Electric Eel."  I put about four coats and it's still not quite as solid as I would've liked.  I then used the nail stickers from Beth along with a clear topcoat from Sally Hansen.  For the silver nail (one on each hand), I used "Chic Prints for Nails" design appliques, which is from Sephora by OPI.  The design is called "Skulls," although the skull is (unfortunately) only on the thumbnail appliques.

The other bit of news I've been meaning to share for a few days is that I FINALLY got on the Bloglovin' bandwagon.  I'm not sure why it took me so long... I think I was annoyed at the prospect of having yet another login/password for something.  I relented when I began to see Bloglovin' buttons on so many of the blogs that I read.  I was delighted to discover that Bloglovin' remembers my info and I don't have to login every time I go to the site!  Here's what it looks like when I go there:

When you "follow" a blog on Bloglovin', it gets added to a personalized blog feed.  You get a tiny bit of the blog post along with a preview of a photo from the post.  I love the fact that I can click through to the actual post, or I can simply mark a post as "read" if I've already read it, or just don't feel like reading!  New blog posts show up in the feed, which allow me to keep track of all the blogs I follow in one place, instead of having to go to each blog individually every couple of days to "catch up" on anything I've missed.

Yep, as of last week, I still used to go to each blog site individually.  I know I'm catching on to this idea real late here... I feel a little like my dad when he said to my twenty-something brother, "Hey, you heard about these Twilight movies?  They got vampires in 'em.  You like vampires, don't ya?"


Seriously, Dad?

So, yeah, check out Bloglovin' if you're behind the times like me.  Oh, and follow Hell Razor on Bloglovin' here.  You're welcome.

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