Sound of Saturday: Eyes Set to Kill

When I decided that I wanted to do this week's "Sound of..." post on Eyes Set to Kill, I looked up their band's website in order to link to it.  I was SO EXCITED to discover that they're playing a show here in Chicago on Friday May 13th!  It's at the Bottom Lounge, which I actually haven't been to yet, but they have a ton of awesome bands (Todd and I were just lamenting that we're gonna miss Dillinger Escape Plan there tonight!) that play there, and the ticket prices are reasonable.  I paid $12 each for the upcoming show, with a $6 service charge... $30 for two people to go to a show?!  Score!

I love bands with girls in them (I guess it's a feminist thing), so I was really excited to hear about Eyes Set to Kill back when their last album was out, called The World Outside.  That was their second album, and Broken Frames is actually the third studio album.  I enjoy the third album the most, which is why I'm featuring it on the post.  Broken Frames is the most heavy out of the two albums I've listened to, and features the female vocal part more.  Sisters Anissa and Alexia Rodriguez are two of the band's founding members, which is also super cool.  I never had a sister growing up, but always wanted one.  How awesome would it be to have a sister that starts a metal band with you?

I first heard this band on MTV Headbangers Ball (Ha ha yes it's still around.  It kinda sucks, but it's still around.  Todd DVRs it, and we fast forward through about 95% of it each week.  Every once in a while we find something sweet, like this.) and I was super psyched to see a girl in the band, let alone two girls (I think it was the video for Heights, from The world Outside).  But then I started listening to the music, and it really sucked me in.  The guitars riffs are really catchy and heavy, and I've always thought that a female vocal over super heavy sound is such a great juxtaposition in music, so that's part of their formula that makes me really like what I hear.

If you like In This Moment, who I wrote about a few weeks back, I think you'll really like Eyes Set to Kill.  They're of a similar cut, although I would consider Eyes Set to Kill as more rock, whereas In This Moment would be a little more epic and symphonic?  I'm sure I'm using these terms incorrectly (as I am not a trained music writer nor am I a musician), but I know what I like and this is the best description I can give... I just like to share music that I like.  And I think you'll like this one.

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Customized Glass-Top Furniture

I like taking new visitors on a tour of our house.  Todd and I had a long, hard road to get to our home where we are now, so we really appreciate and enjoy our time here.  Tonight I thought I'd share a little detail from our home: the basement coffee table.  At first, this might sound a little strange as a choice, but Todd and I like to customize pieces in our home and make them ours.  The ideas and details I show you here would be easily transferrable to a dresser or desk in your own home!

Above is a wide overall shot of the coffee table top.  It's a Ramvik coffee table from IKEA, and comes with a glass top.  (Another interesting detail that you can't see in these photos is that the ends of the table pull out into drawers, which are super handy for storing remote controls, video game controllers, and magazines!)

Todd was initially drawn to this table solely because of the glass top.  He excitedly explained to me that we could put whatever we wanted under the glass, to customize it and make it ours... which we did!  

I think the idea of putting photos under the glass is obvious.  We do have a few photos on display, but we've added a lot of other items, too.  From the wide shot, you can spot stickers, embroidered patches, a crocheted doily, some family photos, and ticket stubs.  

The photos below are all shot via iPhone in a dim basement, so please excuse the quality...

How about displaying drawings and sketches under glass?  Above, a tiny paper scrap with a cartoon sketch of Todd done by one of his students several years ago.  He's held onto it all this time, and the table was a perfect little spot to keep it safe, yet still show it off.

Above, ticket stubs from some of our favorite past concerts: Motorhead, Children of Bodom, Slipknot.  Other ticket stubs under glass (not pictured): Devo, Ozzfest.  You could also display movie ticket stubs, plane or travel tickets, or those hotel room keys that look like credit cards.  Anything that has happy memories of happy times attached to it!

Guitar picks from our favorite bands!  The NIN pick was snagged by Todd at one of the shows we both went to.  Todd and I have a cute little collection of guitar picks.  We even had custom guitar picks made for our wedding.  Hmm... I should really put one of those on display here, too...

Have you ever considered displaying trading cards under glass?  Sports cards from a favorite team or featuring favorite players might be a good idea.  This Star Wars trading card was customized by Todd with a quote from Pulp Fiction before it was slipped under glass.  It made me giggle when I saw it.

I was really excited to find this cassette tape insert amongst our belongings when we moved into our home.  Todd and I were both huge Def Leppard fans when we were younger (heck, we are still), so it's another symbol of our relationship and our interests that fits into our little coffee table collage.  Depending on how large your space is, you could put a favorite record sleeve under the glass, a 45, or a CD booklet.

Our plastic "13" card is a table number (like from a banquet hall).  Todd and I were married on the 13th, so this is a very significant number for us, and appropriate to the theme.  Signs, labels, or even plastic "deli" numbers of special significance would work well under a glass collage.

Hopefully I've given you some ideas for customizing your own glass-topped furniture.  I love the temporary nature and ease of switching up the design simply by lifting the glass.  What unique items would you use in your collage?

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I Love Threadless!

I'd like to introduce you to my favorite place to buy awesome t-shirts: Threadless!  Last year for Christmas, I bought Threadless tees for all the little kids (and many adults) on my shopping list.

Last week, my mom surprised me out-of-the-blue with two new t-shirts from Threadless.  One was "Metal Fan," which is a grey t-shirt with this print on it:

The second t-shirt was "Renaissance Rocks," a Mona-Lisa and Kiss-inspired t-shirt, which I can't wait to wear to school:

My all-time favorite Threadless tee is "Zombie at Tiffany's," which I actually own TWO of, since my first one I got gross when I spilled something unidentifiable on it:

...as modeled by Natalie of Bake and Destroy! which I was lucky enough to be a part of her holiday shopping giveaway last season.

Other shirts I own include "Photographer," and one other shirt, called "Every Night I Have The Same Dream, Volume 1 Issue 4" I scored when I was at C2E2 this year by Art Baltazar.  It's even signed (8/25) by the artist, but I actually wear it.  To some, this might be considered sacrilegious, but I like it, so oh well.

Go and visit Threadless, because you're sure to find a whole bunch of designs you'll love.  They even have sales with tees for $5, $10, and $15 each!  How cool is that?

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Polka Dot Cupcake Nails DIY

Here's this week's Easter and cupcake-inspired nail polish.  I got to show them off at the Easter celebration at my mom's house yesterday.  I was thinking that this technique could be used with a variety of different colors to achieve different effects and themes.  So, I present you with DIY instructions to recreate the look on your own!  (Please note, these instructions are specific to the exact look you see above.  Please use artistic freedom and tweak this design as you see fit!)

First, you have to gather up your supplies.  For my nails, I used Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat (as a top coat, duh), Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 02 Green With Envy,  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 470 Bubblegum Pink, OPI in What's With The Cattitude? (see last week for more on that one), and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fast dry nail color in 10 Lightening.

Ok, so I didn't actually take photos as I was painting my nails.  I wasn't actually sure it was going to turn out, but it did.  So above, you see my cartoony template for base coat colors and how I placed them.  You, of course, could choose to use the same base coat on all of your nails, or you could switch up the color location any way you wanted.  Don't matter to me, but if you're looking to copy my look, there's the map.

After the base coat dries, I then used Q-tips to dab spots of color onto each nail.  This is a fake re-enactment of it you see above here.  The real story is that I used FOUR Q-tips, one for each color, on a paper towel to keep the mess down.  I applied one color at a time and let it dry before doing the next set of spots.  I dabbed the Q-tip onto the nail polish brush while it was loaded with polish, and tried to keep the polish on the very tip of the Q-tip (to keep the spots more circular).  Each nail has the remaining 3 colors on it in spot/splotch form.

After properly spotting them all up, I slapped on a clear top coat.  By the way, I do this while watching TV.  That way I'm not compelled to get up and do other stuff and mess up my nails.  It's also right before I go to bed, so they can fully "cure" overnight.  The thumbs turned out the most cute, being that they have the most surface area.  Also, certain colors worked better at showing up brightly, like the pink and yellow.  I was thinking it might be fun next time to throw some white polish into the mix.  If you do, share some pics, ok?  

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FREE Stickers!

EDIT 7.12.2011 - Due to overwhelming response, I can no longer honor requests for free stickers.  I do intend to honor all current requests, but it will take me several weeks to accommodate all of the requests I have received.  Please remember that I'm only one girl working out of her home!  I will need to go out and purchase many envelopes and stamps.  This will take me quite a while, and I will even have to wait until I am paid again.  I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

All orders placed at the Hell Razor Etsy store will continue to include free stickers and a button, and will be given first priority in shipping.  Thank you for understanding!

I'd love to see Hell Razor stickers popping up all over the place.  I will gladly send you some free Hell Razor stickers if you contact me with a mailing address.  I always include some with an order, but you don't have to order Hell Razor stuff to get free stickers!

We have a Facebook page, and I'd love to post your photos there of your Hell Razor stickers on display.  Here's where I have some of mine:

On the bulletin board.

On our laundry room cabinet (it's kind of a sticker collection we have).

On my cash box for craft and art shows.

And on the backs of my clipboards.  I have sticker collections on the backs of my clipboards at school, too.

Send me photos of your sticker collections, your Hell Razor stickers on display, or just let me know that you'd like some free stickers!


Toys are Us.

On Thursday, Todd and I made a trip to Toys R Us for his birthday.  He wanted to look around for action figures, but came up with nothing.  (He's actually dying to get his hands on the new Masters of the Universe toys, but they seem to be sold out everywhere except on eBay for an ungodly markup...) I, however, found this new toy for the studio.  It's Frankie Stein from the Monster High doll collection.  I'm thinking about getting her a Draculaura to go with.  They're like horror movie Barbies!  I've seen them at the store several times now, and decided that I should just pull the trigger and buy it.  I'm glad I did because it's a nice addition to my random studio and toy collection.

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Sound of Saturday: 69 Eyes

This week I've chosen the 69 Eyes latest album, Back in Blood, as the "Sound of Saturday" focus.  It's the band's tenth studio album, and was released in the summer of 2009.  Todd first introduced me to the 69 Eyes with their album, Devils.  Their next album, coincidentally, was called Angels.  We saw them in concert at the House of Blues Chicago back in February 2007 with Cradle of Filth.  It was a Superbowl Sunday - oddly enough, the one where the Chicago Bears were playing!  Instead of watching the game, we were at the House of Blues at a metal show...!

As far as heavy metal goes, I'd describe this band as more gothic/glam rock.  If you like Motley Crue, you may enjoy 69 Eyes.  If you're into more dark/black metal, they may not be for you.  I enjoy a pretty wide variety of metal, and I really like the 69 eyes.  This particular album has a whole "vampire" type of feel to it, which made me leery at first, seeing as it coincided in timing with the whole Twilight-craze.  But the album really turned me around.  Good examples of songs in the vampire theme would be: "Back in Blood," "Kiss Me Undead," "We Own the Night," and "Lips of Blood."

Dislaimer: I'm pretty sure this is the second time I've alluded to a distaste for the whole Twilight franchise on the Hell Razor blog, but I have to admit that I've never actually seen or read it, so I fully admit that I'm unfairly being biased.  As a big-time fan of Anne Rice vampire novels, I get kinda territorial over someone else trying to tread on the subject.  That's all.

p.s. It's not Saturday today.  It's Friday.  But I have the day off so it feels like one.  Therefore, "Sound of Saturday."

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Blogger Love!

Legos In My Pocket

Jaimie at Legos in My Pocket wrote a really sweet and flattering blog post about the Hell Razor shop yesterday.  I thought it was really cool, so if you get the chance, check it out!  Make sure you follow her blog and show her some love while you're there!

Also, Manna Rhea featured one of my bow clips on her internet window shopping wishlist, so be sure to show her a little love, too!

Yesterday, Todd had to run to Walgreens to pick up his prescription, so I tagged along.  I explored the cosmetics department and ended up purchasing all four of these beauties below!  I'm really excited to try out the blue and green glitter polishes over other polish I already own.  I also thought the lime green shade (last one on the right) might be a good substitute for the OPI Electric eel I used last week that didn't cover the way I hoped.  The green glitter polish might look really good on top of that.

The pink polish is part of a new multi-color scheme I'm dreaming up that's all pastel colors for Easter and inspired by cupcakes!  Maybe I'll have to do it this week so I'm ready for the holiday... heck, even if I'm a little late, it'll still be pretty darn cool!

For my birthday, I received gift cards from both Sephora and MAC!  Now I have to start dreaming about what I'd like to get.  Not a bad problem to have... I'm thinking about having a Make Up For Ever shopping spree at Sephora, and finding some new pink eyeshadow from MAC.

What would you buy with $50 to spend at Sephora?

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calamity layne

My awesome friend Stephanie is in the process of starting an online vintage clothing/vintage creations business called Calamity Layne. Although her store is not yet stocked, she has begun blogging and tweeting about buying vintage and other fun topics.  I'm sure she'd love to get some new followers and to hear your feedback and questions about buying vintage.

Plus, in this post from last week (see photo above), she's wearing her Hell Razor skull flower!

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New Nails, New Ring, New Giveaway!

This week's nails are one of my favorite colors.  It's a light pastel blue by OPI called "What's With The Cattitude?"  I think it was from their special Shrek line, which made me think twice before I purchased it,  but I really like the color in spite of the lame movie tie-in.

Do you like my new ring?  It was a gift from my mom and dad for my birthday!  It's a Betsey Johnson nautical star double ring and I can't even put into words how much I love it!  My fingers are kinda chubs, so I love the fact that the ring doesn't actually go all the way around, making it somewhat adjustable.  Plus, the center ring (for your middle finger) is slightly larger than the other ring, making it perfect for how people's fingers actually are. I own one other double ring, and it was a real pain in the you-know-where to get it adjusted to fit right.  But not this one!

The stars show up between the fingers, as opposed to right on top of your fingers like a traditional ring does.  I'd never seen anything like this before, but then I saw this post today from The Clothes Horse which features a giveaway for a floating hearts ring that works just like this one.  Go figure...!

Speaking of giveaways, Erin of My Beautiful Disaster has a Hell Razor skull flower giveaway going on right now, and she's got TWO to give away!  Check her out in her new Hell Razor flower clip.  Isn't she cute?!  Go to her post and leave a comment about your favorite item from the Hell Razor Etsy shop on her blog to enter!

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