Sunday Nails

This week I tried out the nail polish that I bought last weekend.  It's Sephora by OPI in "IM Beauty," and I purchased it on clearance for only $5.  I had to use four coats to get the color you see here... it was very transparent.  Hopefully that means it'll last longer too without chipping.  Last week I only used two coats and it was chipping the next day.  Boo.  Someone recommended a Sally Hansen topcoat that dries in 60 seconds... anyone have any info on that?  Tried it?  Recommend?

The checkout girl at Target today commented on hoe much she liked my nail color.  So that was nice, because I was somewhat undecided on it.  I think I'll ride out the week and then place my verdict.

Do you like my new ring?  I've been waiting all week to show it to you!  It's a ring I had purchased probably two years ago, but it was a plain black oval.  I was inspired to make something similar after I sold my Hand Painted Skull Charm Rosary Necklace, so I decided to paint a large skull on it.  I really like the finished product, so much so, that I'm not sure if I want to sell it!

After I painted the skull with acrylic paints, I coated the entire oval with a clear gloss spray.  I took some fancy detail shots of the ring since we finally had some sunshine today.  Spring, come here soon!

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