Sunday Nails on a Monday.

Hi, it's Monday!  The good thing about this Monday for me is that it's the last Monday before Spring Break!  We get next week off, woo hoo!  During that time, I hope to do a LOT of projects.  I've been playing around with some new flower and skull hair clip designs.  See above?  That's one of the new guys, soon to be listed in the Etsy shop.

Last weekend, I went out shopping for my CMYK nail color.  On that trip, I found this super great Zoya nail color and snapped it up as well.  I've been saving it to try out this week!  The color is called "Catilin" (ZP540) and is from the Spring 2011 nail color collection.

I was somewhat surprised at first - how it ended up looking more grey than purply, but I still love the color anyway.  It reminds me of the Urban Ballerina OPI color I tried out a couple of weeks ago.  I like this color even better.

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  1. I love Zoya. I have Robyn (ZP513) and I it's such a purdy blue.

  2. Zoya is harder to find to purchase, but I do love the quality. I also have a sparkly magenta. Maybe I'll do that one again soon!


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