Sunday CMYK!

I saw a photo of someone with nails painted CMYK on another blog that I read, and became fascinated with the concept.  So I dug through my nail polish and found that I already had yellow, magenta, and black ("Key," or the "K" in CMYK).  I went to Ulta to find a good Cyan and also a white (athough white isn't "C,M,Y," or "K," I needed a fifth color and CMYK is a printing process for light, usually white, paper...).  I thought this would be a fun look for this week, especially since it feels more like spring now that we've had daylight savings time!

From left to right, here's what I ended up using: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in 430 Black Satin, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 10 Lightening, OPI in La Paz-itively Hot, China Glaze in 550 Aqua Baby, and OPI in Alpine Snow.  I'm also trying out something new this week: Sally Hansen "Dries Instantly" top coat.  It was recommended to me by an acquaintance last week when I was complaining about my chipping polish, so I'm eager to see if it helps.

In unrelated news, Todd and I went on a shopping spree at Binny's on Saturday.  We were out of a lot of beverage essentials, so we re-stocked and also took advantage of the situation to purchase some cheese and crackers - Humboldt Fog cheese!  Have you had it before?  It's my absolute favorite treat.

I saw this wine and thought it looked fantastic.  We didn't buy it because it was $24 a bottle.  Granted, not the most expensive wine ever, but we usually make a habit of keeping our wine bottles under $15 if possible.  Maybe if we have a fancy occasion coming up.  I'll keep it in mind.

Then, I saw these!  I love love love these tequila bottles!  Todd and I had a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka at our wedding, and these are the perfect complement.  Once again, the price (coupled with the fact that I don't really drink tequila) held us back.

Do you sometimes buy your beverages based off of fun packaging like I do?

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  1. I love your nails! Such a great idea!
    And, of course - who wouldn't buy a tequila bottle like that! (I don't even drink tequila and I'd still buy them all!) Fun packaging is the key to my heart lol :)


  2. Thanks Lily! I totally wanted that bottle, but alas, the price was too high that day considering that I had a number of other required things to buy. Maybe next time!

  3. Your nails are making me want to run to the drug store for polish, already have the yellow. Also, now I wanna hear Cowboys from Hell. Pretty sure I have it on cassette somewhere. Growing up around Dallas I saw Pantera play more than my share.

  4. Lucky! I never saw Pantera perform, and alas, now it is too late. :(


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