Sound of Sunday: Children of Bodom

Yep, I changed my "Sound of" day this week due to our awesome C2E2 adventure.  But I didn't want to neglect to talk about an awesome new CD.

The new Children of Bodom album, "Relentless Reckless Forever" came out on March 8th, and I was really looking forward to it.  Gotta say I was NOT disappointed!  Children of Bodom is (yet again) a band I latched onto via Todd (he's like the gatekeeper of all things Metal... seriously), and he took me to see them at the House of Blues in September of 2009.  The show was really really good, because Alexi Leiho is an incredible guitar player.

We have the CD/DVD digipak, but there are several versions to choose from.  Todd was excited to find it at Target (of all places!) when it came out for only $9.99!

Off topic, does anyone know of a good place to buy CDs anymore?  All the good record stores seem to have gone out of business or changed their stock to only carry MAJOR releases (aka mostly junk) and greatest hits collections (that means you Rolling Stone), and the big guys (Borders, Best Buy) don't even carry the stuff we want anymore... I highly suspect they're phasing out CDs altogether.  We tried Reckless Records downtown, but they were surprisingly small and catered to "indie," not so much metal, and we even hit Metal Haven downtown, which was disappointingly small and had a lack of stock or friendly register guy (I know, surprise, right?).

If I wanted you to order it for me, Mr. Record Store man, I wouldn't have made the trek out to your store in person.  I would've just went on Amazon and bought it for cheaper myself.

But back to the COB topic here... given that I'm on a super-hard metal kick most days, this album came out at the perfect time.  I like how Children of Bodom combine excellent guitar runs with epic synth to create their sound.  One of my favorite guitar noises can only be described as that 80's squeal, it's hard for me to pinpoint, but you can hear it at the very last note of the Motley Crue "Shout at the Devil" guitar riff.  My point here is that Alexi Leiho uses it sparingly in a very tasty way throughout his songs, and I love that.  This is an excellent album to put on and let run its course, no sleepy stuff here.  I plan on using this album as my personal audio fuel for my next few studio sessions to make stuff.

So, extremely highly super duper seriously recommended.  In fact, I just went online and purchased the vinyl edition (limited to 300 copies!) as a surprise for Todd.  If he reads my blog, then it won't be a surprise, but at least I'll know he's reading my blog.  Hi Todd.

Tomorrow, I will be back with the weekly nail polish update.  Ha, that sounds weird at the end of a metal posting.  But it's true.

now playing:
Was It Worth It? - Children of Bodom
Relentless Reckless Forever

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