Sound of Saturday: King Diamond

This week, I'm choosing to talk about an older album: Them by King Diamond.  As usual, this is an album Todd introduced me to.  It was originally released in 1988.  I only started listening to it this past summer, and I think it is fantastic.  

It's very classic hardcore 80's heavy metal with a horror bent.  In preparation to write up this Sound of Saturday post, I looked up some background info and found this plot summary of the album on Wikipedia that I (despite my repeated listenings) had only partly grasped from listening to the album.  It's pure 80's horror-movie awesomeness.  There's a King Diamond website you can check out for additional info, too, should you be interested - it seems to be a fanclub website, but it's the closest to an official site I could find.

But about this album: the thing that first drew me in about this album was the song "Welcome Home," when King sings "Grandmaaaaaaaaa!" because I thought to myself, "What could be better than a metal album about a grandmother and tea and her wheelchair?" - it was so opposite of what you'd typically think of, I knew I had to listen closer.  In my mind, there's something really fun and old-spookshow-kitschy about the lyrics.  It reminded me of something I would have been seriously afraid of in 5th and 6th grade: spooky old ladies with strange ailments and odd habits.

Kind Diamond has a crazy range of vocals in his songs, too.  He goes from singing really low and rough to a high, 1980's hair-metal style screaming lyric.  Those are some of my favorite parts.  I thought it would be fun to go an entire day singing in the style of King Diamond: HELLOOOOO! how are you doing?  I am FIIIIIIIINE!  Would you like to go OOOOOOUT SOMETIIIIIIME?

I even made an artwork ode to the album in my Sketchbook Project:

Grandma in her cup of tea.  Oh yeah.

The other thing that I particularly enjoy about this album is that no one I know (friends, family) except for Todd and I seem to know about this album.  So it's special to us.  Obviously, many many other people know about and enjoy this album, or we never would have found it in the first place, but in our little bubble, it's a fun album secret.  But I like you and now I'm sharing with you. 

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