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I get compliments on my hair all the time, and chances are, if you stopped me on the street and told me so, I probably reached into my purse and gave you a business card for Rock Razor Scissors rock and roll hair salon.  It's where I go to get my hair done, and I LOVE this place.  They're located in Chicago Ridge, IL, not far from several major highways, so its easy to get to.  On Sunday, I went to get my hair trimmed and colored.  I took lots of photos, knowing I'd write something up on the Hell Razor blog to share with you.  Here's a small tour:

Here's the welcome desk when you walk in the door.  I love these zebra walls and black/white color scheme.  Below is one of the well-loved and super comfy waiting area couches.  Music memorabilia hangs everywhere!

You can't beat guitars for decor when it comes to a rock and roll salon.  Aga Dondzik, the owner of Rock Razor Scissors, has memorabilia hanging everywhere - especially guest passes and tickets from concerts where the salon makes trips to cut and style hair for bands before shows.  How fun!

Megan is the salon manager, and I make appointments with her to have my hair cut and colored.  Everyone I've ever met at the salon though has been super-friendly and nice.  I would recommend any one of them to have your hair done!  They are appointment only, so make sure you call ahead and book a time!  (708) 907-5513

This hair dryer makes me giggle.  If I owned one, I'd do the same thing.  Maybe make the eyes googly even!

Close-up of one of the guitars hanging on the wall.  Megan usually has fun stories of cutting hair at shows.  RRS also does hair for JBTV once a month at their studio.

Here's Megan's station.  Pardon my gigantic Diet Pepsi and cell phone, that's my junk.  I love Megan's pistol hairdryer and tried to find one of my own online, to no avail.  She also has a Hell Razor bow and sticker on her mirror!  Just another reason to love her.

Here's the best I could do at an "action" shot yesterday.  I was sitting with dye on my hair.  Grace, another hairstylist, was cutting a customer's hair.  Don't you love the checkerboard floor here?  I have plans to do a floor like that at my own house soon.

In addition to the traditional business cards, Rock Razor Scissors also has custom guitar picks!  They're Dunlop brand, so you can actually play with them, and they're really good!

So, hopefully I have completely convinced you to stop by and get your hair did at Rock Razor Scissors.  When you go, be sure to let them know that I sent you!

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  1. I wish there was a place like that here in Edmonton! I love the guitar picks, that's such a brilliant idea! Oh, fun fact: My dad's name is Jim Dunlop. Haha!

  2. That's the place I should work at! I'm a cosmetologist and I would love to work in a place like this, in spain there are some places that have the same mood. I can see why you hair totally rocks!

  3. Ladies, this salon makes me want to quit my day job and go to cosmetology school. It's really that fun hanging out and getting your hair done here!

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