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For late Christmas/Valentine's Day presents to each other, Todd and I went and got new tattoos.  Our favorite shop is Chicago Tattoo, where we go and see Josh Howard for almost all the pieces we have so far.  My brother's gotten tattooed by the other guys here, though, and it's always been really well done, so I would recommend any of the artists there.

My newest tattoo is admittedly kind of cheeseball, considering that I once swore I would never get a cartoon character tattooed on me.  I decided to go with Hello Kitty since she's a favorite of mine, and  I think she's stood the test of time - at least, ever since I've been a little girl - and plus, I customized her!  I decided, if I was a Hello Kitty character, I'd be "goth" Hello Kitty.  So I looked up some existing images labeled "goth Hello Kitty" online, and took bits and pieces from a couple different versions.  I love the umbrella accessory and bow with a skull on it, but I also love the striped tights and black dress.  I even added a round peter pan collar to the dress, a la 90's era Courtney Love/Hole.  

Hello Kitty is in addition to the sugar skull artwork I already have on my right arm.  Some of the best photos of that tattoo are from our wedding photo collection (see above).  I have several other tattoos not pictured here, but these are a couple of the most prominent.  I'm sure there will be more eventually, but for right now I'm really just enjoying the journey and the experiences that bring about each new piece.

On a related note, Todd and I bought a print by Josh Howard and it arrived in the mail today!  I can't wait to frame it and find the perfect spot in the house to hang it up.  The original stencils from our rose tattoos hang in our bathroom, so this print is a natural addition to our artwork collection.

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