My First Comic-Con

Yesterday evening we went to my first comic-con, which was the C2E2 convention at McCormick Place in Chicago.  It was actually my idea, I had heard that Evil Ink was going to be there and Claudio Sanchez was going to be signing.  Todd and I both love Coheed and Cambria, so I knew this would be great.

We saw artist Eric Maruscak doing a huge chalk drawing, and all I could think of was how I was jealous that he got to sit on the floor in his socks and draw.  It looked like fun.  Todd wondered where he got such huge paper.

These are the guys from Cyanide and Happiness.  If you bought two books from them, they drew you a custom on-the-spot collaborative drawing.  We told them to do one for us about dogs and music.  It was fun to watch them draw all together.  I like the top hat.

Todd probably felt too cool at first to pose with Darth Vader, but I convinced him pretty quickly that he had to get a photo.  Heavy metal fists of power!

And there's Claudio, giving an interview to MTV.  When we walked into the convention hall, I made a beeline to the booth to see what the deal was with the autographing, given that we'd never been to one of these before.  Claudio was already there hanging out, and Todd and I got to shake his hand.  Whoa!  Within the first five minutes of being there!  I told him that we saw him perform when they were at the Riviera Theater and I thought it was awesome.  He said thanks.

We resisted the urge to ask for autographs or photos until the assigned autographing time, though.  Here we are, with me looking somewhere I'm not sure (?), with Claudio and Tony Moore.  Tony Moore drew the cover for the Amory Wars book we bought, and he also does drawings for the Walking Dead!

I'm good at making weird faces this day.  Say cheese.

Aw, there's a better photo.  Uglydolls FTW!  I totally chased down Ice Bat to get a photo with him.  This is also the only good shot of my outfit for the day.  It's 100% Target, I think.  The dress is from Tucker, part of the Go International Collection.  The cardigan and leggings are generic Target whatevers.  Oh, I think I got my ballet flats at Journeys.  They're actually one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own, so I figured with so much walking around, they'd be good.  And they were.

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  1. I"m going to this tomorrow, glad to see it looks as awesome as I've been building it up in my head for weeks!

  2. looks like fun! I love your hair is soo pretty!

  3. Shannon - Have fun tomorrow! I left Hell Razor stickers on a ledge with other flyers/pamphlets on the way out!

    Miss Lou - thank you! I'm planning a post all about the salon I go to later this week!

  4. Oh Claudio. Glad to see he's still got all of that crazy hair. I dated a boy once who probably should head up the man's fan club.

    And good for you for convincing Todd to pose with Vader! Ha ha!


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