Mixing Patterns

This is my outfit from earlier this week.  I (once again) had to take a whole mess of photos due to Motor trying to get in on the shots.  My mom gave me a bag of hand-me-down clothes, and the only piece I kept was this short-sleeved long black sweater.  I think I wore it for three days straight because I liked it a lot.  Black sweaters are good for just about anything.

My dress is a surprisingly good find from JCPenney (if memory serves, it was a couple of years ago...) but it's sleeveless so I usually wear either a long-sleeved shirt under it, or a sweater over.  My favorite black Target leggings go under just about everything, and it's still so darn cold here so I had to!

I had a black & white stripey scarf from H&M I decided I wanted to wear even though I knew I would be mixing patterns... I don't know, maybe I was feeling daring.  I thought it was ok.

Here's a close-up of the peacock feather pattern of my dress.

I also wore my pink felt hairclip (from my DIY post a week or so ago) in my hair.  Super easy to make, or, even easier,  buy your own!

I bought these shoes from Target last week, and I actually lasted in them all day long.  Yeah, my feet hurt a little, but they're really darn cute.  And I work a long day as a teacher, walking around and standing a lot.  I tried to take a side view shot, but Motor especially didn't like the camera on the ground, so it didn't work out like I had hoped.  Maybe next time.

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  1. really pretty I love the pattern <3

  2. Thanks! Even though I've had it for a while, I still really like this dress.


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