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Well, I've had some really good time to work during my spring break and I've come up with a new design for bows!  I'm so excited about the new design that I made a whole bunch yesterday.  Check out the haul of stuff I've been making in the pic above!

Although I haven't listed everything up on the Etsy page yet, it'll all be going up soon.  I have listed a couple of cute guys so far, like this Pink Pop Flower Pin and Hairclip (above) and the Red Felt Cupcake Bow Clip (below).  The Red Felt bow is a perfect example of my new bow design.  I've even been experimenting with making these bows from ribbon, and it's turning out pretty nice!

One of the first prototypes for the new bows I made was also out of red felt, but I attached it to a headband to wear.  Here's some photos of what it looks like below (ha - excuse my chipped nails!  This week's color didn't hold up as I had hoped... time to start planning for next week!).

And below is an excited photo of me wearing my new headband.  I'm mostly excited though for my new Cape Girardeau Roller Girls t-shirt sent to me by Bettie Bootheel!  Isn't this shirt awesome?  It's pink and black with a sugar skull and a gothic cameo-style frame.  Love it!  I secretly (well, now not-so-secretly) want to be a roller derby skater.  Don't know if I could hack it, but it sure looks like fun.

Other things I not-so-secretly want to be:
So, ...what do you want to be when you grow up?

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  1. To answer your question...an archeologist.

    Cute new Etsy goodies!! :D

  2. Golly gee whiz that is about the nicest darn thing anyone has said about me in a good long while. Thanks for making my day. Oh and I la la la love the new bows. The little mustard yellow one is super cute.

  3. Very cool. At the moment I want to be a film noir style private eye when I grow up. Mind you, last month I wanted to be a cthulhu hunter, Barbarella and a fancy red couch I saw in Ikea so this could change. I think I may also want to be everything on your list too.
    Love your stuff, Jen. I put one of your lovely buttons on my blog, I hope you don't mind.

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm glad you like the new bows!

    Erin - Indiana Jones? :)

    Jen - I don't have any babies yet, but when I do I want to be just like you, for reals. You make it look like fun!

    Jinx - Red couch = hilarious. Thanks for the button love!


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