garage sales are summer fun.

Bake & Destroy! was having an online garage sale, and I was happy to take these two pairs of awesome heart-shaped sunglasses off of her hands.  I've had much fun over the past few days wearing the white pair.

For fun, I decided to coordinate my new (old) glasses with some Hell Razor products.  First, I thought that the White Ostrich Flower Hair Clip & Pin would look fantastic with the white frames.  What a fun summer look for driving around with the windows down!  Makes me miss my convertible a little bit.

I thought that the Red & White Skully Flower Pin and Clip was a perfect match for the red frames and red lenses of this heart-shaped pair.  This look says more "backyard BBQ" to me, perfect for hanging out with friends.  Damn, now I wish it was warm enough to use the grill.  I like to make baked potatoes on the grill along with my usual Boca Burger patties.  But maybe I'll get more adventurous this year with my grilling, now that I have cute glasses to wear while I'm working!

Speaking of cooking... have you seen the Cannibal Kitchen blog lately?  She has a festive Irish pudding recipe (inspired by the horror movie Leprechaun) that looks real good, plus soon there will be a Hell Razor giveaway for hair accessories!

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