Felt Bows: a DIY post.

Hey!  It's the weekend!  Here's a DIY for you - now you can make your very own simple felt hair bows using a couple scraps of felt and a glue gun!  If DIY is not your thing, you can buy one from me.  I made a couple on Etsy: one bright pink, and one leopard-printed.  They're so easy to make that I marked 'em only $5 each.  Here we go.

You need two scraps of felt: one long rectangle, and one mini rectangle.  I used the same color, but hey, you could mix it up and have fun with it.  You can also change the size to make a bigger or smaller bow.  I went for MEDIUM.  Length of the large rectangle = approximately 8.5 inches.

And length of the small rectangle = approximately 2.5 inches.

Width (also negotiable) = approximately 1.25 inches for the big rectangle, and .5 for the little guy.

Above, you can see how I folded the big rectangle so that the ends met in the middle.  Hot glue those ends down to make a loop.  I positioned the seam on the back side in the middle.

See how if you squish your loop in the middle it looks like a bow?  Yeah, that's where I'm going with it.

The little rectangle holds the "squish" down that you just made by wrapping around the bow.  It give the illusion of a knotted bow, even though it's really (k)not! (Whoa, unintended pun.)

There I'm gluing the tiny strip down.  I found out that my tiny strip was still a little too long, but that's ok.

So here, you can see that I trimmed the extra length so the seam on the tiny rectangle ended up on the backside.

Ta da!  A spiffy and cheerful yellow felt bow.  To make a clip for your hair, hot glue a clip on the back.  To make a pin, glue on a pin back.  You get the idea.  If you decide to make these, send me some pictures!

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