Concert: The Damned Things

On Sunday night, Todd and I went to see The Damned Things and Volbeat at the House of Blues Chicago.  I'm so glad we went ahead and bought tickets, because the show was great!  We tried going up to the first balcony to see if the view was any better than our usual floor spots.  It was at first, until some Ed Hardy-looking dude stood in the way of everybody.  Boo.  But I caught a good 90% of The Damned Things set still with a view of the stage.  Ah, the perils of being short.  These shots are all from the balcony.

Since I've been listening to the Ironiclast album a whole bunch prior to the show, I was happy to hear all the songs I recognized.  The setlist included "Friday Night (Going Down in Flames)," "Handbook for the Recently Deceased," "Bad Blood," "Little Darlin'," "Graverobber," and "Black Heart."  The set ended with "We've Got a Situation Here," and an announcement from the band that they were going to be out by the merch booth after the set!  Score!

House of Blues is a general admission venue, so I think a lot of people didn't want to lose their spot before Volbeat to go back to the merch booth.  But we did!  We had originally purchased the album off of iTunes (due to a lack of decent record stores in the Chicagoland area), but we bought the physical CD from the booth and all the guys signed it.

I told the guys that we had bought the tickets specifically to see them, and that I hadn't even heard Volbeat before (but that I would in a matter of minutes, of course).  Scott Ian told me that if I liked the Misfits, Social Distortion, and Metallica, that I'd be into them.  He was right.

Thank god for Todd's forward-facing iPhone 4 camera, or we'd never have any shots of these moments!  Yeah, sure, they're crappy cell phone photos in low light, but it's something, right?

Here's a better shot of our CD after the signing.  Sweet!

p.s. On Monday morning, Todd went out on a mission to purchase the Volbeat album (Beyond Hell/Above Heaven) as well.  As it was my first time hearing them, it's hard to give a valid "review" of their set,  but I can tell you the Scott Ian was right, and I did indeed enjoy them very much!

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