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This week's nail color is called "Astra" and is by Zoya.  I used three coats to get an overall heavy glitter look.  The clear part of the polish is tinted reddish-pink, which helps to fill in between the pieces of glitter.  Very happy with this look so far - hope it holds up throughout the week just as well!

Because this is our Spring Break week, we get to do a lot of around-the-house work.  One of the first things we're in the process of tackling is artwork around our home.  We have a wide variety of the types of things we like to hang up.  Here are some of the newest:

I've started to tackle matting and framing of artwork that we've had around for a while, waiting to be finished and hung.  Above is my Logan Simplex Plus mat cutter and a Vote Yes art poster made by one of Todd's coworkers.  We plan to frame and hang it in our house, but first, we'll wait to make sure that the vote really DOES turn out to be "yes," and that Todd actually has a job next year.  Otherwise, it'll be too depressing to hang up in our house.  But we're optimistic and I plan to mat this piece for a spot in our home soon.

We bought an original print from Josh Howard at Chicago Tattoo, and I finally was able to frame and hang it up!  Right now it lives in the kitchen/dining room area.  I love this artwork.

This is a tour poster from the NIN/JA tour when Todd and I saw Nine Inch Nails at two shows in a row: Chicago and Indiana.  We won tickets and passes to the Indiana show via a Google Earth scavenger hunt and got to meet the band.  It was also two weeks before our wedding, so it was a super fun series of events!  Finally got around to framing this poster as well, and we still need to find a good place to hang it.

Last week, at C2E2, we bought two paintings by Chris Hamer of Urbnpop.  They're actually recycled images: photos, prints, or paintings from otherwise discarded art that he has re-drawn or painted on to create new work.  We bought two to hang above our bed in the bedroom.  The downside was that I discovered they're too small for the space.  Here's my fix:

Two awesome chunky frames I'm going to spray black and then mat the artworks to make them fit.  I held them up for size and they're perfect!  When I'm all done I'll post a photo.  My artwork matting skills are one of the useful art-teacher tricks that benefit me outside of work and save me lots of money because now I never take art to be framed - I just DIY it!

Tomorrow, I have a review of The Damned Things concert from last night, and on Wednesday, I have more art to share!  And also, don't forget about the Cannibal Kitchen/Hell Razor hairclips giveaway!

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  1. I"m loving Chris Hamer's work. That is hella adorable!


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