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I have a few really fun things going on and I wanted to share them with you.

1. I sponsored my first blog!  The blog is Little Chief Honeybee and I'm sponsoring for a month (starting today!) to see if I can build up some more readers & buyers for Hell Razor.  I'm hoping all goes well because I'd like to schedule a giveaway on her blog for some pretty peacock-themed Hell Razor items.

2. I have a button!  Todd made me a button for the blog, so that people can post it on their blogs, or I can use it for when I'm sponsoring other people's blogs.  Erin Dawn of My Beautiful Disaster helped me figure out how to post it here on the bottom of the left-hand column, and she was also kind enough to put my button on her "Blog Love" page!  (Hmm, I should make one of those for Hell Razor I think...!)

3. I have a giveaway coming up soon with Cannibal Kitchen!  I made a special hair flower and bow with skullys just for the giveaway.  More on that in a little bit.

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