Spring Fever

We had a couple of warm days in a row.  Enough that I actually put my winter coat away into the front hall closet.  I refused to take it back out.  Then it got cold again.  Then it snowed.  Booooooo.  My coat is back out again from the front hall closet.  But I'm going to think about spring anyways.  So there.

I have some new designs and ideas for spring.  Like butterflies for your hair.  I thought, if people like flowers in their hair, then butterflies have gotta be pretty nifty too, huh?  So I attached some tiny feather butterflies onto bobby pins and tried it out.  I like 'em:

See how happy I am?  I think these would be especially pretty for a school dance in the spring, like for prom.  If I was back in high school (ah, good old 1997!), I'd have totally rocked a pair of these.  Well, provided they came in teal to match my velvet-topped dress and custom-dyed heels.  Yeah, dork.  Anyway...

Something else I've been experimenting with is vintage jewelry pieces and chain.  I like taking pieces apart that are "out of style" and re-using sections, recombining them into something that's a wearable and more modern design.  This necklace above is made from several other necklace chains and a pendant I've had for a while now, waiting to be a part of something special.  I really like how the chain is a different type on each side.  I am drawn to asymmetry, which is interesting because Todd is drawn to things that are symmetrical.  Maybe that's something only married art teachers discuss.  Do find that you have a preference?

This last piece was a prototype created from an idea for a custom headband I made for Jenn.  It's a tie-style headband, made from faux leather cord.  The embellishment is two peacock feathers and a vintage black button.  I love that the tie makes the headband more versatile: it can be worn tied under the hair, or worn around the head on top of the hair.  The wearer can also position the feather exactly where she wants it, as opposed to a traditional "plastic" headband.  I plan on making a few more headbands in this style, as I really like how this one turned out.

So, there you have a little spring preview from me of what's coming, Hell Razor-style.  Hopefully it makes you wish for warmer temperatures, too.  Or at least to consider what your leanings are when it comes to design and compositional balance... uh, see above regarding my symmetry/asymmetry comment if you didn't get that...

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