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I mentioned on our Facebook page a while ago that Mikey Kay had come over to take my portrait for a project he is working on.  He's planning to self-publish a photo book about people with unusual hair.  He wanted to take pictures of me that would show "who I am" as a person, so I figured that there was probably no better place than the studio!  I was really excited to show off my sweet new zebra print glue gun.  During the photo shoot, I worked on making butterfly bobby pins and some assorted flowers for hair clips.  Above, you can see two of my favorite shots from the shoot.

Mikey Kay is a talented young photographer, and you can check out his work on his website or via his Flickr photostream.  He does a lot of work with musicians, and frequently photographs over at Rock Razor Scissors Salon, which is where I get my purple hair dyed.

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