I was reading an Etsy newsletter about promoting your online business (without being pushy & overbearing) and came across a really neat idea: make videos of your work so people can see them outside of the static photos on Etsy listings.

I used to do an awesome stop-motion video art project with my art students a few years back, so I thought I could probably make some pretty fun stop-motion "commercials" using Hell Razor items.  We had a couple of snow days this week, so I used the time to snap a whole mess of still photos using my digital camera and put them into a video using iStopMotion free trial software.  I think I'm going to have to go ahead and invest in the full version, because it's pretty darn cool and not too expensive for what I want to do.  Apparently I can also use iMovie 9, but I only have iMovie 8.  Boo.

Wouldn't it be fun to see your Hell Razor accessory dance across the table, or being worn by an action figure?  I know I'd enjoy that!

In any case, here's my first foray into video (it has no sound... should have added some, maybe next time):

Hope you like it!  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel I've created for Hell Razor!

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