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Todd has officially begun grad school, so Tuesday evenings are mine to play catch up.  Tonight it consisted mostly of using the snow-blower on the driveway, despite my never having actually used a snow blower before.  Yayy me - I actually got it started!  My proud first run down the driveway was dashed by a dog tether hidden under the snow that became entangled in the blower, causing it to shut down.

One pair of metal snips later, the tether was cut free, and I was able to resume my snow-removal duties.  I wanted to finish it as a nice gesture to Todd, who certainly doesn't want to come home at 9:00 to find the mound of snow that was originally there!  Unfortunately, Motorhead didn't like hanging out on the screened-in porch and began ripping up the carpeting on the floor.  Can't I do any simple household chore without major catastrophic events ensuing?  Sheesh.

Anyway, in an effort to cheer the story up a little, I'm going to share some totally unrelated, happy, pretty things:

My friend Stephanie got married on Sunday, and she had all of her bridesmaids wear Hell Razor flower hair clips!  With skulls!  How awesome is that?  This above photo comes from Studio Finch Photography, who did an awesome job!

Above are some photos of my favorite new item from Target.  It's a bulldog cupid candy dish!  Isn't it adorable?  I couldn't stand not taking it with me to the register, especially since it was the only one they had out at the Target by me.  I can't wait to fill his toothy pup grin with something fun.  I know he's a Valentine's decoration, but he might end up staying out year-round.  He's too much fun.

This is a photo of my bathroom ceiling.  Not only do I love this chandelier, I added a ceiling medallion sprayed black to make it even prettier.  The latest addition is the ceiling, which I painted a grayish-purple and then added a silver topcoat.  The metallic finish is super fun for a tiny room like the bathroom, which I've made into a tiny jewelry-box like space.

Lastly, Franciscan Starburst!  It's like the holy grail of awesome retro atomic dinnerware.  Unfortunately, I only have this one piece.  I found it at a resale shop - a total fluke, actually.  I thought I had mistakenly left it behind in a move, but Todd brought over some boxes from his mom's along with some Christmas decorations, and there it was!  I was so happy to see something so otherwise ordinary like a dish - but it's my favorite!  I also found some green Jadite pieces I thought I had lost as well.  Now I keep this little dish in the art studio for trinkets.  You will never become lost again, I swear!

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