...so I was having a twitter conversation with @CupcakeZombie the other day regarding my bookshelf organization (I sorted and arranged them by color last weekend), and she used the word "nerdery" which I thought was fantastic.  I actually love the word "nerd" and other forms of it because to me it's about passion.  What are you passionate about?  What makes you happy?  What causes you to be filled with nerdery?

I have a few things (besides color-coordinated books) I'm going nerdy for lately.  The first one is my new credit card.  Ha!  It's not what you're probably thinking (although who wouldn't like to go on a shopping spree with a new credit card if they could?!) - it's a card for an account I've had since I turned 18.  I was online trying to obtain a second card for my husband to have, and I realized that I can get a card with an image on it - free!  Eek!  I was so excited.  Guess what I picked?

OH YEAH!  Pink leopard credit card?!  Woot!  So, needless to say, I'm really psyched about getting my new replacement card with pink leopard print. :)

Secondly... I know I just posted photos of the Hell Razor art studio, but I've already changed some stuff! Todd and I were at IKEA last weekend, and I finally bought this nifty flat-file type drawer set on wheels.  I've been eyeing it forever, and I finally went for it.  I'm so excited because I could finally get rid of two plastic drawer units that I used to have in the studio closet.  It's like big girl furniture.  So, yep, more nerdery, this time in the form of furniture and organization:

The drawers are all super-neat and organized right now, since I just filled them.  Wonder how long that'll last...!  This is the stationery/office supplies type drawer.  Hmm, just realized I have a spool of wire in there... should probably put that someplace else...

My last bit of nerdery for now is Todd's old toys.  He moved a bunch of boxes of old toys from his mom's house and has been going through them with me, deciding what to keep and what to save.  Mostly I think he just likes pulling them out and re-living his old kid memories.  But I was super excited last night when he got to the He-Man box!  He even let me keep one for display in the studio:

Yeah Skeletor on his flocked purple cat!  I think he matches beautifully with our existing decor, don't you?  As long as he doesn't attack the My Little Ponies, we'll be just fine...

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  1. You should see my basement. My hubby is OBSESSED with he-man and old school toys. Have you guys ever been to quake Collectibles on Lincoln in Chicago? Awesome! Check out my post from over the weekend, we were just there. Littlemouthbaby.blogspot.com


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