I love a challenge!

Lately I've been making a lot of custom orders.  People have ideas and bring them to me, and I love the challenge of making something I think they will like.  Below are some examples:

Laurie saw bows that I had made with scrabble letter centers, and asked if I could also make a pair of earrings.  I thought, "Why not?"  The main decision here was how to drill holes into the scrabble tiles.  At first I thought to drill them through length-wise (yep, it's harder to do, but IS possible!) to make it like a bead.  But I did a test pair on the diagonal, and really liked the composition better.  So I left it this way. Pink beads were perfect, since Laurie wears a lot of clothing that is pink, or looks good with pink!  The letters are her new initials after she gets married!

Jen has bought a couple of large flower clips from me, and was wondering if I could also make them smaller.  She has bangs she's letting grow out, and wanted something cute to clip them back with.  I made this small pair of purple blooms, knowing how much Jen likes purple!  I'm also going to be making her some bobby-pin style clips and a special skull (to be announced) soon!

Cheryl has ordered from me several times, often with special ideas, such as the anarchy bow I made for her a while back.  She had some special Christmas present ideas for me.  This bow (above) was made from a request for a "book" themed bow with green ribbon.  The tiny metal frame has a small clip of text in it (from the book Frankenstein, if you're interested!).

This bow is also a request from Cheryl, a "railroad spike" bow with gray ribbon.  It was my first foray into shrinky dinks!  I was able to custom-cut the shape from a computer graphic I designed and printed. The trick was figuring out how much it would shrink in the end so I could make a bow of appropriate size.

The bow above (also a request from Cheryl) was for a "train" bow using blue ribbon.  The blue bow ended up seeming too small for the train adornment, so I doubled-up the bow with some black.  The final result is something I'm really happy with.

I'd never done bows with specific themes, like trains or books, and I'd never used shrinky dinks.  I hadn't drilled holes into scrabble pieces either.  But thanks to some ideas and creative requests from others, I've expanded my options for creating!

The lesson here is: don't be afraid to request something if you haven't seen it here before!  I love a challenge, and I'm happy to consult back and forth via email before committing to a design.  Let me know your ideas and I can probably come up with something!

Got an idea for a custom order?  Email me!  hell.razor (at) me.com

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