Why am I different from other sellers?

So... I was thinking about all of the sellers out there that make "flower clips" and trying to put into words why someone should want to buy my work over someone else's.

I came up with a couple of important points.

First, I'm an art teacher by day, artist by night.  That means I have a good eye for design and composition.  When I make a flower, I combine petals from a variety of different flowers and styles to create flowers with a sense of realism and a natural feel, even when I choose to utilize unusual or unnatural color combinations.  Look closely at the flowers made by other crafters... I think you'll begin to see a pattern of monochromatic, radially balanced designs.  Not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just not my style.  They often look too cartoony and like the flowers you could pick up at any Claire's boutique (again, nothing wrong with it... just not my style).

Another unique detail is the skully flowers.  I make each skull by hand using air-dry clay, and then draw/paint the skull faces on and sometimes add rhinestones.  I can make two skulls that look alike, but no two are ever exactly the same!  These skully charms are something that I have not seen anyone else create.  Hopefully I won't see anyone else creating them, because that means they ripped off my idea!

One last thought is that I "back" my flowers with sturdy felt and two different fastening options: one clip, one pin. The clip is fastened under the felt, so if you clip a flower to your hair, it won't get snagged or caught on any glue.  Having an additional pin means that you can wear a flower on a jacket, sweater, winter hat, purse, scarf, headband... just about anywhere!  So you always have lots of options.

I think all three of these points prove why Hell Razor is unique from the majority of the floral creations you will see in other shops.  Hopefully you agree.  In fact, I may start posting a short version of this statement on our Etsy listings.  Sometimes it's hard to decide who to purchase from when things seem similar, so now you know why to go with us! 

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