Guess what arrived in the mail today!  My tablecloth fabric!  And it is AWESOME!  I ordered it from Warehouse Fabrics, Inc and I got a great deal on the price per yard - much better than other places I searched out.  It arrived super-fast too!  In fact, I didn't even expect to have it for next week, but it looks like now I can sew it up and have it ready to go!  Sorry 'bout all the exclamation points, I'm just really excited...

In addition to some older items that didn't sell at regular price, I'm whipping up some NEW simple bows to sell at the Shops of Emerson for $5 - see sneak preview above!  My goal is to do a $5 sale, where EVERYTHING I bring will be $5.  I think it will enable people to grab several items for a variety of holiday gifts - be it stocking-stuffer items or small gifts for friends.  Come visit me next week!

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