On display...

This weekend, Todd and I went shopping and bought some really awesome display pieces for shows.  Above are two metal racks that are perfect for necklaces!  I'm going to spray them black so everything matches, and the taller rack will have a longer dowel added so that I can hang more.

A three-panel corkboard that Todd helped me to assemble.  I made it fold in a "Z" shape because I thought it was more interesting that way.  The added benefit is that the whole display folds flat for travel!  I stuck a few pieces on the board for the photo, but I think I'm going to spray the frames black and either paint or cover the cork with paper or fabric...to be decided.

Then I also found these plates and trays on super super sale that I thought would be perfect for displaying bows and flowers.  The blue plates are a tiny bit dinged, but I was able to purchase them for $0.68, so I think I can work with it!

The only thing I was unable to purchase but I thought would be the easiest thing to find was striped fabric to make a tablecloth for shows.  Who'da thought it would be so hard to find?  I think I'm going to do some online hunting to find just the perfect fabric, and in the meantime I'm going to borrow my own kitchen tablecloth!

So, I have all these great display pieces now, so I'm going to have to hunt for more places to get out and sell!

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