My First Craft Show

I did it!  My first craft fair was on Thursday at Emerson Elementary.  I took a picture of my booth before it started - I think it turned out really well!  The bulletin boards ended up just barely tall enough that I could see over, but I was able to conduct most business over the purple photo frame.  Many friends showed up and bought stuff - thanks Laurie, Gerry, and mom!  But I met some new friends too, including Claudia who makes Whimsys.  They're these really cute plush animals in crazy patterns and colors.  She gave me a sweet plush skull in white and purple, my favorite!

It was a crazy week with so much else going on personally, I feel very accomplished that I was able to squeeze in the craft show as well.  Thanks for your support!

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  1. A crafter and a National Board Certified Teacher, I am most impressed!!!!


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