I'm very excited to announce that Hell Razor is part of this year's Bake & Destroy! Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway.  If you go to the post and comment on the best gift you've ever been given, you're entered to win one of the seven prizes - one of which is this guy right here:

I figured since her site is called BAKE and Destroy!, I'd make my giveaway somewhat baking-related, hence the little cupcake guy in the middle.  I've been following Bake & Destroy! for a little while now, she always has delicious cupcake recipes and fun ideas.  The one that really hooked me though was a video she did about her SodaStream machine  - you can make your own freaking soda with it!  How cool is that?  Anyways, I became consumed by the idea so much that I ordered one of my own and I love it.  Even though I'm cutting back on caffeine there are still lots of fun flavors I can choose from - orange mango is my current favorite, but I also like to make the lemon iced tea... it's fizzy!

So, be sure to check out Bake & Destroy!'s Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway to win a free Hell Razor cupcake flower, and check out all the other cool gifts as well, because she has some neat ideas.

Don't forget to place your Hell Razor order for the holidays as well!  As the date grows closer, I can't guarantee arrival by the holidays, so buy now!  Enter coupon code FACEBOOK between now and December 31st to receive 15% off your order!

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