Custom Awesomeness

I like making stuff.  So when Stephanie asked if I would make hair clips for her wedding, I said YES!  Using her colors and specifications, I came up with these five lovely combination hair clip/brooches.  Now, maybe you are thinking, "That's nice, but I wouldn't want skulls at my wedding!"

...Have no fear.  Although I personally would have (and did have, now that I think of it...) skulls at my wedding, you don't have to get all skully to have a little bit of Hell Razor for your special event.  I can make flowers and bows with a variety of middles, including buttons and rhinestones or other interesting doodads.  Just bring me your idea, and we'll brainstorm it up!

In fact, here's an excellent example.  We weren't sure how to handle the flower girl hair accessory, so I made two small clips: one with skull, and one sans skully, but instead with a rhinestone to match the bridesmaids.  They're so tiny and take little time to whip up, so options are easy.  Now Stephanie can decide which one she likes better by trying them on!

I can even throw in cute gift bags for ease in gift-giving!  Although you may not be planning a wedding, the holidays are coming up quickly, so place your orders with us!  You can be sure that your gift is one-of-a-kind!

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