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I made a couple of new necklaces last week.  I think they're kind of interesting to talk about, because they're both one of a kind designs - I only have the parts to make them once, and I can't purchase the parts over again.  One design is the "Mystic Pyramid Watch" necklace, but the other is "Aunt Marty's Owl Necklace," pictured above.

This owl necklace is actually a vintage keychain!  I took the keychain, removed the parts, and connected it to a necklace via the top hole.  The bottom hole is typically connected to a second keychain - it disconnects from the main owl body and would have typically been used for giving your keys to a valet or mechanic without giving away all of your keys.  But I used the bottom hole to connect a drop dangle that complements the wooden beads on the necklace.  The red-orange beads between the wood beads come from a vintage necklace.  When I go to garage sales and re-sale shops, I often look for interesting beads on necklaces I can purchase and take apart.

After trying on the completed necklace, I realized it was a little short (for me anyways).  A simple fix was to add an extender piece of chain - the links are actually hand-made by Todd!  Now it's perfect.  

In the photo above, you can see the writing on it from the original keychain: "Oberheide Coal & Oil 1066 W. North Ave. WH 4-7800"  I just thought the keychain was really cute and would look great as a pendant.  Thankfully, our Aunt Marty was quite the collector, and after she passed away we discovered many wonderful treasures.  This owl was one of them, and I like to think that she would've gotten a kick out of how I recycled her old keychain.

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