the little things...

I went to the office supply store today to buy more printer ink (wheeeee!) and was super excited to find THIS in the pen aisle!  Sharpie has a STAINLESS STEEL refillable model!  I was all "whoa big baller Sharpie, I will put you in my basket" and then I realized how mean it would be to buy one and come home to gloat about it to Todd.  So I bought him one, too.

I told him that he should probably sit down before I gave him this surprise, that's how great it was.  Can you tell we love Sharpies?  This is soooo sweet.  Oh yeah, I also bought retractable Sharpie pens, which I also love.  So if you're a Sharpie geek like us, go pick one up fer yerself.

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