I am planning on applying to sell at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair on December 4th & 5th at Pulaski Park Fieldhouse.  Hopefully I'll be accepted, so I'm currently brainstorming ideas for display at a booth.  I'm in the process of making a banner for my setup (whatever it might become), and I'm hoping to purchase some unique fabric for a tablecloth.  I was thinking black & white stripes, because I do love stripes...

Fortunately, my first show would be an indoor show, so I won't have to worry about weather.  I'm looking at IKEA for some inexpensive ($5.99 each) corkboards.  I was thinking of using hinges to make a triptych-style display board to stand on the display table and pin earring cards to.  I also found a really promising idea from CUTEure Creations on Etsy about displaying hair clips and such.  Here's a photo of her booth:

See how she's got dowels that hang with ribbon between them?  I currently display my home stock in the studio on ribbons like this, but the ribbons are attached to my wall bulletin boards:

I was thinking that her idea might work pretty well for me, but now I wonder if my hair bows and flower clips also need tags like the earrings have.  That's a lot of additional work, but if it's worth it in sales, I'm willing to do it.

I have a mirror to use for craft shows, so people can try on pieces and check themselves out.  I'd really like something fun to display necklaces and earrings on, like a black candelabra, or something along those lines.  Although a lot of my stuff is girly, I want to stay dark and metal with it - not get all super pink with feather boas and shabby chic all over the place... if you know me, you definitely know what I mean.  Girly and cute, without being annoyingly girly and cute.

Got any ideas?  Let me know what's worked for you, or what you think might work for me!


  1. Hey, this is Angie from CUTEureCreations!

    I just saw your link you sent me, and wanted to wish you luck!

    I can't wait to see what your display will turn out like, please post pics!


  2. Thanks Angie! I started following your blog! - Jen


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