What's Up?

First today I would like to shout out to Beth, who ordered a bunch of stuff from Hell Razor today!  Thank you Beth!

Secondly, I have some exciting news to share!  Today I ordered buttons from Busy Beaver Button Co. and stickers from GotPrint!  So once they arrive, all orders will include a button & sticker.  Woot!  I won't show you my final images yet until the buttons & stickers arrive.

Today I also worked on a couple of other things.  I made a bunch of new tags for jewelry (mostly earring cards).  I'm thinking about turning these cards into a more polished, glossy version for the future.  I really like the handmade quality of the cards right now, but if things pick up (fingers crossed!) I'd like to have a simple way to do tags that don't require multiple die-cuts, hole punches, stamping, and rhinestone-sticking.  It takes a while to do all of that!

My favorite rosary necklace broke last night!  It's an easy fix - the jump rings just separated - but I've had this one the longest and I made the lightning bolt pendant myself.  I was picking up the puppy during our walk last night and I felt it pop from the necklace.  Ugh.  Gotta go and find my jewelry pliers!


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  2. A glossy, polished card is an impressive concept! It looks more sophisticated for jewelry hang tags. Adding a bit of style and originality can attract your customers, since the idea puts a classier appeal to the jewels. =)

    Jessie Henn


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