Friday the 13th

Yesterday I visited Rock Razor Scissors and got my hair done by Megan.  I am so so happy with the result!  I highly recommend - they're so welcoming and friendly, and their work is AWESOME.  I hope to take a photo and put it up soon so you can see it!

Today, I am making skulls:

...which means that even more new things are close behind!

Has anyone else been having problems lately with Etsy?  The speed has been really slow (to non-existent) at times.  At first I thought it might just be my internet, which is less than stellar (thanks AT&T), but other sites are loading faster than Etsy - it seems to be specific to their site, so that's why I'm wondering if it's an issue on their end... anyways, it's keeping me from using the site.  I tried to list something new two nights ago, and then gave up when it wouldn't load.  Ugh.  Then the work I have to list on there gets backed up and who knows when it will all get listed?  Meh.

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