Our buttons came in today!  I was so excited when I saw that our buttons from Busy Beaver Button Company had showed up on our doorstep!  Our buttons come in four different colors: yellow, lime green, electric blue, and fuchsia.  

I'm going to be sending them out FREE with all orders from now on.  They're those cute little 1 inch buttons, so they'll look good as single buttons or in groups!  Rather than plastering the full name all over them, my husband and I decided to go with a simple "H R" initial and the razor silhouette.  Instead of the traditional razor center, I substituted a lightning bolt cutout shape.  We wanted to keep the design simple and easy to read, but interesting enough to wear, too!

One fun tiny detail is the our website address, printed along the rim:

I'm super happy with how these turned out.  Hope you like 'em too!

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