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Thank you @carrionrun and H. Michael Roberts Photography for the beautiful photo featuring a skully clip by Hell Razor!

Below, see another awesome photo with @carrionrun.  I love the mix of sepia and blue tones!

I really cannot stress how much fun it is to see customer photos wearing their Hell Razor jewelry and accessories!  (Even if you don't happen to model professionally like Cheryl, of course!)



Wow, I didn't even realize it's been 10 days since I last posted... eek!

School started on August 19th.  Needless to say, things are busyyyyyy.  So Hell Razor gets put onto the list of "fun" things to do after the work gets done.  Unfortunately, sometimes the work never gets done, and "fun" becomes a thing of the past.  Sad!

Maybe one day Hell Razor can become a full-time gig.  But until then, duty calls!

But back to fun now, at least for a few minutes.  I've been recently featured in several different treasuries by Etsy members!  Treasuries are curated lists of items on Etsy by members.  Treasuries typically have a common theme or unifying element.  I made a treasury once (so far) but sadly it wasn't nearly as exciting as the ones that follow.  Mine was called "I Like Stripes." Pretty creative, huh?

The most recent treasury I've been featured in is "Devil Wears A Blue Dress..." by challenevi.  It features my Blue & Black Skull Mini Hat:

The Blue & Black Skull Mini Hat was also featured in the treasury "Black and Blue and Silver All Over" by silverorchiddesign!

Another treasury featuring a Hell Razor design was "Roses Are Red,...Violets Are Blue" by thegreenmum.  This one featured my Violet and Blue Flower Pin and Hair Clip:

Yet another item was featured in the treasury "Dia De Los Muertos Day of the Dead" by ValerieTyler that featured the Red and Black Skull Mini Top Hat:

I love that other people are looking around and noticing some of the things that I love to make.  Please take a moment to check out the treasuries listed above and to browse the shops of the featured artists and curators!


Custom Hell Razor

Did you know that Hell Razor will make custom items?  Well, we do!  Above is a clip for Aga and below is a clip for Lauren at Rock Razor Scissors.  Lauren wanted a rhinestone pentagram on a red & black flower with a feather.  I hadn't done anything like it before, but it didn't seem impossible.  I'm pretty proud of the end result - it's even more rad sparkly in person!  If you have an idea, I will do my best to create it - just send me an email!


Friday the 13th

Yesterday I visited Rock Razor Scissors and got my hair done by Megan.  I am so so happy with the result!  I highly recommend - they're so welcoming and friendly, and their work is AWESOME.  I hope to take a photo and put it up soon so you can see it!

Today, I am making skulls:

...which means that even more new things are close behind!

Has anyone else been having problems lately with Etsy?  The speed has been really slow (to non-existent) at times.  At first I thought it might just be my internet, which is less than stellar (thanks AT&T), but other sites are loading faster than Etsy - it seems to be specific to their site, so that's why I'm wondering if it's an issue on their end... anyways, it's keeping me from using the site.  I tried to list something new two nights ago, and then gave up when it wouldn't load.  Ugh.  Then the work I have to list on there gets backed up and who knows when it will all get listed?  Meh.



Our buttons came in today!  I was so excited when I saw that our buttons from Busy Beaver Button Company had showed up on our doorstep!  Our buttons come in four different colors: yellow, lime green, electric blue, and fuchsia.  

I'm going to be sending them out FREE with all orders from now on.  They're those cute little 1 inch buttons, so they'll look good as single buttons or in groups!  Rather than plastering the full name all over them, my husband and I decided to go with a simple "H R" initial and the razor silhouette.  Instead of the traditional razor center, I substituted a lightning bolt cutout shape.  We wanted to keep the design simple and easy to read, but interesting enough to wear, too!

One fun tiny detail is the our website address, printed along the rim:

I'm super happy with how these turned out.  Hope you like 'em too!


Everyday is Halloween

Last night I went shopping and picked up a ton of really awesome fall flowers, including sparkly glitter black roses (gotta love Halloween - THE holiday for the best decorations!) and flocked dark maroon-ish violet petals.  I foresee some awesome new flower clips coming soon!  Yes, they're "just in time" for Halloween, but if you know me it really has little to do with the season other than the fact that it's easier to find these supplies and colors - I wear 'em year round!

Another happy customer!

@HellRazorArt  my newest accessory!

Thank you @carrionrun !!!


Puppy Love

Motorhead is a good puppy.  He sleeps in the studio while I blast music and work on making stuff!

Have you taken a look at the new items in Hell Razor's shop?  I had a flash of inspiration when I found a huge stash of safety pins, all different sizes in the art studio.  Safety pins are so symbolic of punk rock/rock/DIY mentality, so I decide to try to combine that aesthetic with a girly, cutesy style and see what I could come up with.  The first 3 pairs are up on Etsy right now, but I have more to show... maybe sometime next week?  Keep watching!



In another post unrelated to Hell Razor Jewelry, I went to the DEVO show last night!  The Devo set was awesome.  I'd never gotten to see them live before, so I was pretty excited before we even left the house.

I thought 290 traffic might be bad (huh what would ever make me think THAT?!) so we left at close to 7:00 pm since doors were at 7:30 and I knew that there was one opening band, the Dirty Projectors.  I think hell froze over because 290 was super-fast and we got there about 7:35.  We also found on-street non-meter parking - score!

Now here's the bad news... I apparently missed the memo that there would be random DJ sets from 7:30 until 10:00... I mean, they weren't bad, I just wasn't expecting it, and we still needed to get through the opening act!  And it was HOT in the Congress Theater.  Super gross hot, and it quickly became apparent that many of the men in the building don't believe in proper hygiene.  It was gross, man B.O. - ew.

The Dirty Projectors finally took the stage.  I knew absolutely zero about them before walking into the theater, but I figured they must be electronic or dance-y, since they were opening for Devo, right?  Um, no.  I don't want to rip on them since I'm sure they had to have fans enough to get them to where they are today - it's not like I have a band that's opening up for Devo, but they definitely weren't my taste or what I was expecting.

Finally, just after 11:30, Devo finally took the stage.  They opened with "Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)" from the new album, which just happens to be my most favorite song from "Something for Everybody."  It was fun to watch the video backdrop along with the sweet dance moves from the band members!  The only other songs from the new album that were performed were "Fresh" and "What We Do," which also happen to be the songs off of the EP prior to the full release.  Of course, there were lots of old school Devo gems, like "Girl U Want," "Whip It," and "Freedom of Choice."

T-shirts were a steal at only $20 each!  My only suggestion is to make GIRL SHIRTS LARGER!  I really don't like the cut of men's styles, but the girl-cut shirts only went up to size M for one, and L for the other.  I don't like tight shirts, so I'm always hunting down the XL offerings in girl style.  I ended up settling for men's medium instead.  The hats were $30!  Eek!  I sucked it up and splurged, since they're $32 online, plus shipping.

Traffic going back home = WORSE than on the way there!  Stupid nighttime construction lane closures.  Also they closed the entrance to 290 from Western so we had to drive through this totally sketchy neighborhood where dude tried to clean Todd's windshield despite him yelling "NO" several times, then grumbled at Todd for not "thanking" him afterwards... ugh.

All said and done, it was a fun night out and I've finally seen Devo perform live!  Thank you Devo for the show!


What's Up?

First today I would like to shout out to Beth, who ordered a bunch of stuff from Hell Razor today!  Thank you Beth!

Secondly, I have some exciting news to share!  Today I ordered buttons from Busy Beaver Button Co. and stickers from GotPrint!  So once they arrive, all orders will include a button & sticker.  Woot!  I won't show you my final images yet until the buttons & stickers arrive.

Today I also worked on a couple of other things.  I made a bunch of new tags for jewelry (mostly earring cards).  I'm thinking about turning these cards into a more polished, glossy version for the future.  I really like the handmade quality of the cards right now, but if things pick up (fingers crossed!) I'd like to have a simple way to do tags that don't require multiple die-cuts, hole punches, stamping, and rhinestone-sticking.  It takes a while to do all of that!

My favorite rosary necklace broke last night!  It's an easy fix - the jump rings just separated - but I've had this one the longest and I made the lightning bolt pendant myself.  I was picking up the puppy during our walk last night and I felt it pop from the necklace.  Ugh.  Gotta go and find my jewelry pliers!



So technically, my new puppy, Motorhead, does not have a whole lot to do with Hell Razor (except that if he were a girl puppy, I would have bows and flower clips all over him, er, her...) - but he's a boy dog, so I have to be happy with my black skully puppy harness to teach him to walk on a leash.  But I wanted to share him with you because I love puppies.  Before I had one, I used to google random puppy photos to post on my computer desktop to make me smile on a bad day.  Now I have a real one of my own!  Yayy!
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