New ideas.

I have some promotional ideas for Hell Razor... Todd is helping me design some buttons and stickers that I plan on giving away with orders or for other assorted giveaway type occasions, so that'll be cool.

Also, I'm working on a photo album (the regular physical book type) with photos of all of the stuff I've made as a reference, like for custom orders or to remember items I no longer have.  I bought the book... just waiting for my photo prints to arrive:

I figure it will be a nice item to show people if I'm low on stock or to bring to shows.  I ordered my photo prints from Snapfish, my favorite photo ordering site.  The prices = awesome (beats using up my printer ink) and the custom items are pretty swell, too.  I've ordered two photo books (one from my wedding and one from my brothers), a calendar, postcards, and even a large photo print (wedding portrait) - they've all been superb in quality.  I've had to contact customer service (two completely separate ordering instances) and both times I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and easy it was to remedy the situation.  So no, I haven't gotten any kind of consideration from Snapfish for saying this, I just truly love my experience so far with them and wanted to let everyone know.  It's hard to find a good company these days!

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