busy busy busy!

Today was a really busy and fun day!  I've been getting awesome thank-you notes from people who purchased Hell Razor jewelry and accessories, which makes getting the mail WAYYY more fun than when it was just bills!  Above are a few, including a surprise eyeball drawing from Cristina's daughter - thanks!

I went on an adventure today with my mother-in-law to find letter stamps.  I'm trying to make a custom Hell Razor stamp for tags and cards... one of or stops was to Hobby Lobby and I was very excited to find these two black & pink bulletin boards - I can use them for displays when I have a booth.  (In the background is my awesome Cristina Beller artwork I purchased at her show at Horrorbles earlier this summer...)

And lastly... ta da!  Sample earring tags!  My custom stamp isn't yet complete - I'm awaiting a delivery of a 2nd set of alphabet stamps (alas, the name "Hell Razor" requires 2 "L"s and 2 "R"s) but this is the general idea of what it will look like.  The good news is that this tag format can be attached to necklaces or punched with holes for earrings.  I'll still play around a little bit to make something for pins and hair clips, but it's nice to have my efforts and ideas more focused in.

Any thoughts or ideas?  Let me know!

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