Bumps! ...and a road trip.

WHATEVER, IT'S 2009!!!

If you don't already watch Adventure Time with Finn & Jake on Cartoon Network, you really should.  My brother introduced us to it and he and I sat down a couple of weekends ago and made these LSP (that's Lumpy Space Princess) plush toys.  I'm pretty proud of mine so I thought I'd share.  I also submitted the photo to Adventure Time Blog fan art.


My husband and I adopted a new puppy yesterday.  We named him Motorhead (should explain the above title).  On the way downstate to pick him up (it was a mini road trip of sorts) we stopped at an antique shop that made us turn around and veer off of the highway to get there - it was really crazy looking outside - with giant statues, an ice cream stand shaped like ice cream, a larger-than-life tricycle, and a spaceship - all out in front.  I documented a few items here:

Above: spaceship and big tricycle.

Above: ice cream stand, shaped like ice cream.

Above: my favorite photo, humungous boxer shorts guy enjoying ice cream.  tiny elephant to his right.

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