Bumps! ...and a road trip.

WHATEVER, IT'S 2009!!!

If you don't already watch Adventure Time with Finn & Jake on Cartoon Network, you really should.  My brother introduced us to it and he and I sat down a couple of weekends ago and made these LSP (that's Lumpy Space Princess) plush toys.  I'm pretty proud of mine so I thought I'd share.  I also submitted the photo to Adventure Time Blog fan art.


My husband and I adopted a new puppy yesterday.  We named him Motorhead (should explain the above title).  On the way downstate to pick him up (it was a mini road trip of sorts) we stopped at an antique shop that made us turn around and veer off of the highway to get there - it was really crazy looking outside - with giant statues, an ice cream stand shaped like ice cream, a larger-than-life tricycle, and a spaceship - all out in front.  I documented a few items here:

Above: spaceship and big tricycle.

Above: ice cream stand, shaped like ice cream.

Above: my favorite photo, humungous boxer shorts guy enjoying ice cream.  tiny elephant to his right.


New New New!

Have you noticed the new items up on Etsy?  I've listed many rosary necklaces, some earrings, and the mini hat (hope to have another one soon too)...

After much waiting in the mail, I received enough letter stamps to make the Hell Razor custom stamp!  Now I can make tags much more easily for necklaces and cards for earrings.  Want to see one in person?  Order something! :)


My First Photo Shoot

Yesterday I had my first photo shoot.  I'm not a professional photographer, but I think I did a pretty good job!  (Yes, technically, I have a few shots of RRS from Mikey Kay, but I think that was a coincidental, lucky chance kind of photo op.)

To see the full collection of final shots, visit our Facebook album entitled "Hell Razor <3 Annie" because our model for this shoot was Annie Balavitch, a local art & design student (and my brother's girlfriend).


Rock Razor Scissors/ Matthew Leone Benefit

I think it's really awesome that Rock Razor Scissors had a benefit for Matthew Leone of Madina Lake. When I heard the story about what happened to him it made me so angry and sad.

I went to Mikey Kay's photo stream to check out the photos form the event and was psyched to see a Hell Razor flower clip in this shot!

My brother took his girlfriend to Rock Razor Scissors to have her hair done on Monday and they did an awesome job. Not only did she get a great cut and color, he reported back that the staff was extremely friendly, welcoming, and nice - so check them out when you get the chance!


More from Rock Razor Scissors

Rock Razor Scissors recently had a photo shoot with Mikey Kay photography and sent me these photos from the shoot - they're wearing their Hell Razor flowers!  Awesome!

PS - Rock Razor Scissors is also having a benefit this Sunday, 7/25/10, with all the cash going to @ThroughThePain a Benefit for Matthew Leone (Madina Lake bassist). For more info or to see if there are any open spots left, call 708-907-5513. (For more info on the Matthew Leone story click here.)


Test Design

I've been playing around with ideas for displays and packaging lately.  This is one option, since my tags aren't quite ready yet, so I can't package items individually.  As a group on this board, I think it works, although I can only fit a few pairs on the board at a time.  It'd be nice to have everything out to view at one time.  Got any display ideas?  I'm always open to suggestions - let me know.


As seen on...

Last week, I sent out some small packages of skull bows to a couple of places to get the word out about Hell Razor designs.  Rock Razor Scissors Salon in Chicago Ridge was one of those places.  Aga Dondzik, the owner, seemed to really like them, as seen in a couple of her twitpics (@RockRazor) last weekend!:

I also sent them a bunch of business cards.  If you stop by the salon, give them another big thank you from me for wearing our clips!  

I love seeing people in photos wearing Hell Razor stuff, so if you have any, please send me yours!  Thanks for your support!



A quick post to let you know about some things I'm working on right now:

8 new rosary necklaces
New bows & skully bows
Mini top hats
Crucifix earrings

As always, things take a few days to make/photograph/list/etc etc etc.  Plus, we have a house-warming party coming up soon, so gotta take care of some personal business/house-cleaning type details.  Hope to put up some photos soon!


busy busy busy!

Today was a really busy and fun day!  I've been getting awesome thank-you notes from people who purchased Hell Razor jewelry and accessories, which makes getting the mail WAYYY more fun than when it was just bills!  Above are a few, including a surprise eyeball drawing from Cristina's daughter - thanks!

I went on an adventure today with my mother-in-law to find letter stamps.  I'm trying to make a custom Hell Razor stamp for tags and cards... one of or stops was to Hobby Lobby and I was very excited to find these two black & pink bulletin boards - I can use them for displays when I have a booth.  (In the background is my awesome Cristina Beller artwork I purchased at her show at Horrorbles earlier this summer...)

And lastly... ta da!  Sample earring tags!  My custom stamp isn't yet complete - I'm awaiting a delivery of a 2nd set of alphabet stamps (alas, the name "Hell Razor" requires 2 "L"s and 2 "R"s) but this is the general idea of what it will look like.  The good news is that this tag format can be attached to necklaces or punched with holes for earrings.  I'll still play around a little bit to make something for pins and hair clips, but it's nice to have my efforts and ideas more focused in.

Any thoughts or ideas?  Let me know!

New ideas.

I have some promotional ideas for Hell Razor... Todd is helping me design some buttons and stickers that I plan on giving away with orders or for other assorted giveaway type occasions, so that'll be cool.

Also, I'm working on a photo album (the regular physical book type) with photos of all of the stuff I've made as a reference, like for custom orders or to remember items I no longer have.  I bought the book... just waiting for my photo prints to arrive:

I figure it will be a nice item to show people if I'm low on stock or to bring to shows.  I ordered my photo prints from Snapfish, my favorite photo ordering site.  The prices = awesome (beats using up my printer ink) and the custom items are pretty swell, too.  I've ordered two photo books (one from my wedding and one from my brothers), a calendar, postcards, and even a large photo print (wedding portrait) - they've all been superb in quality.  I've had to contact customer service (two completely separate ordering instances) and both times I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and easy it was to remedy the situation.  So no, I haven't gotten any kind of consideration from Snapfish for saying this, I just truly love my experience so far with them and wanted to let everyone know.  It's hard to find a good company these days!


Our Etsy shop is open!

Our Etsy shop is now up and running!  My internet service is not running smoothly, so I don't have all of the items up on the shop yet, but I do have necklaces and a bracelet up at present.

Over the next few days I hope to load up bows and hair clips/pins - if you've seen the Facebook album, you know I have a lot of them, so it will take me a little bit to get each and every one of them up!

Right now I'm looking for opportunities to get the word out about Hell Razor, so I'm exploring some different ideas.  Do you have an idea, suggestion, or opportunity for us?  Send an email my way.  Or, just send me an email to say hello.  It's summertime, so I'm off of work and have a little free time.

p.s. Here's the link to the Etsy site!


Hell Razor Home

Today I made a home page for Hell Razor via my MobileMe webspace.  The address is: http://web.me.com/hell.razor

I kept it really simple since I operate under so many other sites.  It consists of a photo of the business card and links to the blog, etsy store, twitter, and facebook sites.

In the future, I plan to do a photoshot with a model and come up with a more developed graphic for the home page.  For now though, it's nice to have a "landing pad" of sorts where everything is streamlined.

Yayy me for new stuff!

Working in the studio

Today Todd helped fix up the Hell Razor studio with some nice extras.  Check it out:

He helped me hang a small rack with hooks for necklaces, so I can see the stock easily.  I can also see what I've already made.  Helps keep ideas fresh.  And secondly:

...ribbon hanger!  I've been wanting to do this for a while, but IKEA's super low price on a basic curtain rod did it for me.  Check out all the sweet new ribbon waiting to be made into fun new bows.  I'm pretty excited about BLUE ZEBRA PRINT myself!
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