So, I finally got around to pricing jewelry... Necklaces are currently $25-$30 each; earrings are $15-$20 for each pair.  I labeled prices (necklaces & earrings) on each individual photo on our Facebook page.

The puffy heart necklaces are priced at $30, $5 more than other necklaces because it takes me a little while to make each puffy heart outside of the necklace creation.  I'm kind of excited because out of the three I have so far, two are sold!

I also decided to price the small collages at $3 each.  They're unframed, they're not too fancy, but I think they'd be cute when put into frames, either individually or as a small set.

One last bit of info, I set up an email account for Hell Razor as well.  It's hell.razor (at) me.com so if you have any questions for us or are interested in making a purchase, please feel free to write!
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