So I located the tracking information on my photo equipment and it looks like it might arrive tomorrow.  Hmmm... now I'm expecting some pretty darn good photos after all of this wait.

When everything gets photographed, there will be:

  • 2 rosary necklaces
  • 15+ new flower hair clip/pins
  • Hair bow clips
  • 2 new puffy heart necklaces
  • 6+ new pairs of earrings

You know, when I look at it all in a list like this, I really did make a lot of new stuff!  Also, I went on a bit of a spree today (mostly shopping for myself) but I have something coming in for a new item I'm kind of excited about.  I'll wait until it comes in and I can make sure it's going to work out before I discuss it any further though.

Oh, and lastly, Todd made me a business card today!  Want to see?  Here:

Isn't he super-mega-awesome?  Yeah, I think so, too.
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