So I located the tracking information on my photo equipment and it looks like it might arrive tomorrow.  Hmmm... now I'm expecting some pretty darn good photos after all of this wait.

When everything gets photographed, there will be:

  • 2 rosary necklaces
  • 15+ new flower hair clip/pins
  • Hair bow clips
  • 2 new puffy heart necklaces
  • 6+ new pairs of earrings

You know, when I look at it all in a list like this, I really did make a lot of new stuff!  Also, I went on a bit of a spree today (mostly shopping for myself) but I have something coming in for a new item I'm kind of excited about.  I'll wait until it comes in and I can make sure it's going to work out before I discuss it any further though.

Oh, and lastly, Todd made me a business card today!  Want to see?  Here:

Isn't he super-mega-awesome?  Yeah, I think so, too.



I made my first Hell Razor gift box a couple of nights ago, and I had to photograph it before I gave it away so I can repeat the results in the future.  I need to find another set of these stamps that I used because there's only one of each alphabet letter.  I had to stamp out the name in shifts, rather than making one large "Hell Razor" stamp, which is what I'd like to be able to do.  So, maybe I'm off to the store soon...


I made this.

On the last day of school I sketched a picture on my photocopy of the day's schedule.  It came out kinda neat so I scanned it into the computer and cleaned it up on Photoshop (by removing the typed words from the handout behind it):

I was thinking of making prints from it or something like that.  Still deciding but I wanted to share the picture because it was fun to do.



I've turned the rosaries into awesome necklaces but I'm stalling to post final photos because I ordered photo equipment to take really nice up close detail shots.  This is a quick shot from my phone for a preview.  The black rosary is finished as well, and I'm going to photograph the other two I made as part of my personal collection (not for sale though), because then the overall portfolio of jewelry just feels more complete to me.

My aunt had a great idea.  She asked if I wanted old jewelry and rosaries, and I said HECK YEAH!  I thought if someone wants to send me some rosaries I would customize one for them and send it back for free... an art in trade kind of deal.  Your old stuff for something new and reinvented.  If you're interested and have rosaries to send, you can reach me at: hell.razor (at) me.com


What's Up?

I've been off the web for a couple of days, but I have been working!

I made a couple of pairs of earrings using some pretty sweet skull beads I had, and just today I purchased some equipment to make my photos look a lot better.  Expect some improved photo work in the weeks ahead.  Neat-o. 


Supplies for new ideas

Yesterday my mom stopped by and gave me some cool supplies she found at home: two rosaries and some really cool sparkly black vintage buttons.  I have a couple of altered rosary necklaces I've made that I really like and wear all the time, so I think I will make a couple to sell. I was thinking that the buttons will make really cool center objects for some hair clip/pins...

I also wanted to say how much fun I'm having packaging up the few orders I've had already.  I spend so much time with each piece making it that now I'm being so careful to wrap them up in tissue paper and send a little note along - I hope to soon have some real business cards and/or fun stickers to send too, but for now it's kind of fun to personalize each package I assemble and send out.  



So, I finally got around to pricing jewelry... Necklaces are currently $25-$30 each; earrings are $15-$20 for each pair.  I labeled prices (necklaces & earrings) on each individual photo on our Facebook page.

The puffy heart necklaces are priced at $30, $5 more than other necklaces because it takes me a little while to make each puffy heart outside of the necklace creation.  I'm kind of excited because out of the three I have so far, two are sold!

I also decided to price the small collages at $3 each.  They're unframed, they're not too fancy, but I think they'd be cute when put into frames, either individually or as a small set.

One last bit of info, I set up an email account for Hell Razor as well.  It's hell.razor (at) me.com so if you have any questions for us or are interested in making a purchase, please feel free to write!

Early Hell Razor

I was digging around in my iPhoto library and I found this photo I took of an early hair bow I made.  It reminded me of when I made my first puffy heart necklace, which I gave as a gift to a student teacher of one of my coworkers.  I took a photo before I gave it to her, but I cant find the photo file anymore!  Fortunately, I did find a printed version of the image, so I scanned it as best as I could.  Here it is:

So, could this be considered "vintage" Hell Razor?  The first incarnation!


I made some collages...

I posted an album of photos today that are collages I made earlier this year.  It's different from a typical drawing or painting I would make, but still in my kind of style.  I like them because they're simple and fun. The sayings are mostly nonsense or because I thought it was funny to make food all snarky at eachother like a bunch of girls.  Here's a preview, but please visit the Hell Razor Facebook page for the full album.

p.s. On a totally unrelated note, have you heard the new Devo album yet?  It's incredible.


New jewelry added.

Today I added a bunch of new jewelry photos to the Facebook page.  Right now, that's the best place to view actual photos of stuff to buy, or to see what we make.  I'm thinking of posting some artwork soon, too.  You know, stuff to hang up kind of artwork, not just the wearable kind.  Soon.


Jewelry photos.

I posted some jewelry photos on our Facebook page.  Soon, I hope to get something set up, like our etsy page, back up & running so that you can actually purchase via the internet as opposed to contacting me and hoping I still have something.  We tried it way back when, but gave up, who knows, maybe I'll revive it this summer.  To be announced.

In the meantime, view some jewelry images via our Facebook album.  I have quite a bit more jewelry that just needs photographing and uploading, so this is just a small starting sample.



Hell Razor is Todd and Jenny. We were married in June 2009, after re-discovering each other in 2006...  

You see, Todd and I were friends in high school, and I loved him then - I even told him so - but he wasn't having any of it. I was crushed, but we kept in touch (sporadically) over the next (almost ten) years... We met back up one magical evening, and since then, nothing's been the same! We are very much in love.  

We are both art teachers trying to make ends meet and earn a little extra cash for a family of our very own. So here we are, selling the things we REALLY wish we could spend time making in art class.


My goal is to be up and running to sell by the time next year's Constructor Craft Fair rolls around.  I'm going to go and shop at this year's fair, which is this Sunday, June 6th:

Right now busy making stuff, making stuff, and making stuff.
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